‘Supernatural’ Spoilers Season 11 Episode 19: Jeepers Creeper Or Pennywise [Video]

Supernatural has come back in a big sort of way, and in the next episode, they are paying homage to the 27-year type of monster. Although that type of theme has happened in many ways and shapes over the past few decades, they might just be up against a Creeper or a demon clown, but hold that thought.

Episode 19 of Supernatural is titled “The Chitters” and will air after a long hiatus on April 27, according to TV Guide. Fans know this will be another god awful wait, and they will have to wait another three weeks before the show comes back again.

But there is good news in the pipe. When Supernatural returns, it will be the final run for Season 11, meaning that all episodes will be weekly until the finale. It’s that end-of-the-year sprint to the finish line that all networks and shows are trying to round up as many viewers as they can before everyone ships out for their summer vacations.

But enough about the painful part. The Supernatural boys, the Winchesters, are going to land in Colorado later this month for a rendezvous with the new demon of the week. They will also be meeting up with a few other hunters/agents, and things are going to get interesting and maybe even a little competitive.


Before getting into the meat of the next episode, let’s take a moment to catch up on where Supernatural is right now.

On the last episode of Supernatural, according to Entertainment Weekly, fans got a little dose of the season 11 main theme. Although there have been several episodes that have featured cases of the week, last week, the Winchesters had it out with Lucifer and Castiel, “Cassifer,” to crown a new champion in the war against Amara. But suffice it to say that Cassifer did not have the mojo necessary to defeat the ancient beautiful princess, who just so happens to be his aunt.


Before that event on Supernatural, Crowley was busy extorting one of his soul-selling victims to get the Horn of Joshua. Of course, Crowley being Crowley, he killed everyone once he got it and made entrails back to Dean and Sam to get them on board with a plan to kill Amara and put Lucifer back in his cage. He also wanted him out of Castiel, presumably unharmed. Such a sweet moment from the King of Hell.

Dean and Sam are willing to deal, but they have their own versions of how it should go down on Supernatural. First of all, they have to get Cassifer to kill Amara with the Horn of Joshua, then put him back in the cage. That is without Cas, of course.

So pulling back to where Cassifer is trying to kill Amara and Crowley has inhabited Castiel, trying to get him to help from the inside. Needless to say, Cas is just fine as a couch potato and does not quite want to help out.

Lucifer, on the other hand, is having all kinds of trouble because, as it turns out, he cannot kill Amara, but a chosen Hand of God can.


So now on Supernatural, Amara has dragged Lucifer away and in a metaphoric way, giving him the switch for being a bad little nephew. She is also hoping to use Lucifer, the favorite son of God, to lure God out of hiding.


In Episode 19 of Supernatural, that theme will have to wait, and God will not be making his appearance just yet. Instead, Sam and Dean will be squaring off with the 27-year demon, and they will also meet up with two hunters that have a personal vendetta against it.

Be sure to tune into Supernatural on the CW on April 27 to see it go down.

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