How Much Of Nina Dobrev Will We See In The Final Season Of ‘Vampire Diaries’?

As The Inquisitr reported on Tuesday, Season 8 will mark the end of the CW’s hit TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder has recently announced that he will be leaving after next year.

Many fans felt relief when the show was renewed by the CW for an eighth season, and numerous viewers are pushing for Nina Dobrev’s return, and not just for a brief appearance in the finale.

The Vampire Diaries suffered their lowest numbers this year. After losing everyone’s favorite human-turned-vampire-turned-human, Elena (Dobrev), to the evils of Kai’s spell, the show hit new lows.

One needs only to check out social media sites to realize the popular desire to have Elena return to the show.

Although the show still has many committed followers who continue to genuinely enjoy the plot (even without Elena), a lot of fans find that they miss past characters.

Despite any negative ratings or reviews, the announcement of a final season has brought sorrow to viewers. After all, they say, what will life be without the Salvatore brothers?

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]
Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]
The question that many fans are dying to have answered is no longer if Nina Dobrev will return to the show, but when and for how long? Producer Julie Plec said that Nina desires to return and that she wants to see the character to a good end.

“Nina has always said that if there’s something for her to do in the series finale that she will be there to do it. When she left, she said, ‘I want to see this character to its end at the end of the show, so I can’t wait to come back and put her to bed again.'”

While the world awaits word from Plec on whether or not the show will officially be done after Season 8, it makes sense that it would. The show has lost Elena and will soon lose Bonnie Bennett (played by Kat Graham) and even Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) himself. A television show can only last so long after losing so many beloved main characters.

Kat Graham [Image via]
Kat Graham [Image via]
Elena and Bonnie are one thing, but without Damon, the show would likely fall apart, according to Hypable, who said that without him the show would be “nothing.”

“Even if Somerhalder was simply implying that the show would be over for him after season 8, it basically means the same thing, as Julie Plec has said many times that the show would only continue as long as he and Paul Wesley were on board.”

The Salvatores are the glue behind The Vampire Diaries; if we lose one, how can the show survive?

With Kat Graham leaving the show by the end of the next season, fans are trying to find out just how much of Elena we will get to see. The life of Dobrev’s character is tied to that of Graham’s. When she dies, Elena wakes up. The question is: when will we bid farewell to Bonnie? Though Bonnie is a beloved character, fans are desperate to see Elena and Damon reunited, and they want to see it happen as soon as possible.

“Of course, we had to expect that she would return when last week, Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie Bennett, announced that she would be done after season eight,” Hollywood Life reported. “So, that means the show could kill her off at the end, so even if the show wasn’t ending, it gives Nina the chance to return as Elena — her character is dead as long as Bonnie is alive.”

An inside source told Hollywood Life that Nina plans to return to wrap things up.

“When the show ends Nina will be a part of it some way shape or form. She is 10,000 percent coming back.”

There are still many mysteries and whens and ifs surrounding the end of this beloved sci-fi series, but we can comfort ourselves by knowing that Damon and Elena will have the finale they deserve.

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