Apollo Nida Helped Teresa Giudice’s Husband Joe Adjust To Prison Life

The two incarcerated Real Housewives husbands have met one another. In an interview with People, posted on Monday, James Leonard, Jr., the lawyer for The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s Joe and Teresa Giudice, talked about how Joe is doing behind bars and how Teresa is dealing with his incarceration. James also talked about the help that Apollo Nida, the husband of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, gave Joe on his first day.

James said that Joe and Apollo, who are both serving time at the Fort Dix federal prison, talked to one another and Apollo helped Joe settle in.

“Joe said Apollo was an absolute gentleman and helped him get acclimated and that they had a nice talk.”

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, shortly after Joe began his 41-month prison sentence, Phaedra offered up some advice to Teresa on how to deal with her husband’s incarceration. Phaedra told Teresa to concentrate on her daughters.

“My advice is always just to [be] prayerful and to just know that you’re not alone. My husband nor her husband are the first husbands to go to prison, they won’t be the last. And you know the most important thing are her children, those beautiful daughters that they have together. And this too shall pass.”

Phaedra Parks’ husband is serving a much longer sentence than Teresa Giudice’s husband. Apollo began serving his eight-year sentence in September, 2014. Also, unlike Teresa and Joe, Phaedra and Apollo weren’t exactly supportive of one another and united, not even publicly, when Apollo left for prison. Phaedra had already made clear that she wanted a divorce. A The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode last season actually showed Apollo arriving at the marital home unexpectedly on his way to prison, just as Phaedra was changing the locks. Cameras captured Apollo angrily stomping around the home as he yelled at Phaedra for trying to lock him out and accused her for having a boyfriend.

On the recently-finished season 8, Phaedra was shown visiting Apollo in prison with their two young sons for the first time. After the visit, Phaedra told her mom that she reminded Apollo that she wants a divorce, which Apollo didn’t agree to. Phaedra also admitted that she wasn’t sure that she would bring the boys to see their father again, given all of the hassles and time involved. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Phaedra recently revealed that she enrolled her boys into therapy to deal with their father’s incarceration.

Unfortunately for fans of Teresa and Joe Giudice, it seems that they won’t get to see Teresa visiting Joe in prison on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Their lawyer told People that Teresa and their daughters have yet to visit Joe because she has not been approved, due to the rules of her supervised release.

“Teresa will be visiting with the girls as quickly as she is approved by the prison, which should be within the next week.”

Season 7, which will premiere this summer, has just finished filming. Starring cast member Jacqueline Laurita tweeted that filming finished almost two weeks ago.

As for how Joe is doing, his lawyer said that Joe is adjusting well and will get through his imprisonment, just as Teresa Giudice, who was in prison for almost all of 2015, did.

“I visited with Joe on Friday and he is doing as well as can be expected. I would say that he is adjusting very well. I know that he misses Teresa and their four daughters immensely, but Joe will get through this, just like Teresa did.”

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