Will Smith Wants Deadshot As Batman In Future DC Comics Movies

Will Smith spoke about having Deadshot as Batman in movies. Suicide Squad hasn’t even arrived, and already a Deadshot as Batman idea has surfaced. Will Smith is getting antsy, wanting a bigger superhero role. But since there is no Hancock 2 yet, it makes sense for Will Smith to push for a solo character movie to emerge from within Suicide Squad‘s overcrowded team of knuckleheads.

It would be cool if DC found a way to transition him into the batsuit for a while. Will Smith is already rumored to appear as Deadshot in future Ben Affleck Batman movies, so why not let him put on the cowl and cape?

As MTV reports, Will Smith claims in his interview at the MTV Movie Awards that Deadshot became Batman after Batman got injured. Considering how many comics get made and how unspecific Smith was about where and when exactly this occurred, it is hard to confirm it. But it may have happened in some alternate universe scenario or other. It’s also possible he is trying to get fan response about whether that would be a good idea or not to happen in a movie. DC might be watching people’s reaction to Smith’s comment closely, and gauging the reception. Whether or not Deadshot as Batman happened already, DC is likely taking a more strategic approach to its next movies, trying to give fans what they want.

But the idea is out there already. Will Smith threw a bone at comic book movie fans across the galaxy. But it all may not matter if Suicide Squad falls flat. As SlashFilm reports, Suicide Squad spent mountains of money on reshoots, possibly to avoid a Batman v Superman-type reaction. There are some sources saying that the reshoots are to add humor to the film, while others are denying that and suggesting the reshoots are to offer more action. There is probably truth to both views. DC just wants to do whatever is necessary to make this movie successful.

Before Will Smith in Suicide Squad, Deadshot appeared in the ongoing successful TV series Arrow and The Flash. In both of those programs he is played by Michael Rowe. Before that, Deadshot appeared on Smallville, played by Bradley Stryker. But Will Smith’s Deadshot looks straight out of the comic book. He seems to be the most familiar-looking take on the character, since he wears Deadshot’s most recognizable costume. Will Smith’s personality is too lovable to hide and layer over by the serious and sinister nature of one of Batman’s greatest foes. Expect this Deadshot to have a fair helping of humor.

Though superhero movie plots are always kept under tight lids, Suicide Squad will most likely give the origins of the team, and a taste of each members’ reasons for becoming a villain. But since Batman and the Joker also show up, it will serve to continue the DC continuity. Batman will encounter his most notorious enemy, the Joker, and sooner or later one of his toughest opponents in Deadshot. That will have to tie in with, and not overshadow, the Suicide Squad as the main focus of the movie. Though Batman has been given quite a bit of screen time in the most recent trailer, he hasn’t said a word. He may be saving it for his solo film.

In any case, Will Smith had fun during his interview at the MTV Movie Awards, and may have been coached to talk about Deadshot as Batman. If fans are really lucky, something along those lines or at least leading to it will happen in Suicide Squad. Will Smith really wants to play a solo superhero of Batman magnitude, but if it doesn’t work out, why not just make Hancock 2 instead?

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