Brandi Redmond Talks ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’: ‘People Are Afraid Of LeeAnne Locken’

Brandi Redmond is excited to be a part of the Real Housewives of Dallas franchise, and it sounds like she already had some issues with her co-star LeeAnne Locken. LeeAnne is definitely a character, and she seemed to be very strong and confident. But it sounds like Brandi isn’t exactly eager to become her best friend. As Redmond explained during the premiere episode, everyone seems to know Locken, but some of the ladies thought it would be funny to make fun of her.

According to a new Bravo report, Brandi Redmond is now revealing that people are scared of LeeAnne but hints that she doesn’t fall into that category. Instead, Redmond explains that she stands by everything she said during the premiere episode. And she strongly believes that LeeAnne uses her big personality and her bullying comments to conquer everyone in the room.

“OK, so you definitely hear me mention that people are afraid of LeeAnne Locken… She has been known to make people feel threatened or uncomfortable through gossip and knowledge of others. She is loud and has even told me that when she walks in any room she owns the room, which in my opinion is a bully tactic to not mess with her. So yes, I said it, I meant it, and stand by it. A lot of people know LeeAnne because she attends up to three events in one night, and so her reputation is that she gets around…for the free drinks and appetizers,” Brandi Redmond explains in her Bravo blog.

Locken didn’t appreciate Brandi and her friends’ comments about her, and she was angry that the ladies were questioning her charitable work. She claims that she does so much charity work that she has gone to three separate events in a single night. But many of the housewives were questioning whether she should be spending her money on charity work rather than the parties in the name of charity.

And maybe it was Brandi Redmond’s outspoken personality that rattled her confident co-star, because the drama started almost immediately on The Real Housewives of Dallas. During the first episode, LeeAnne made a comment that Brandi Redmond’s behavior was very reflective of Plano, Texas, and the reference didn’t sit well with Redmond. Redmond felt it was disrespectful, and she wants to stand up for everyone who lives in Plano and feels it was out of line.

“LeeAnne is entitled to an opinion of me, however, to reference Plano is a low blow and clearly disrespectful. Plano is ranked the third hardest working city in America by Money Magazine, in the top 100 in the USA for families to settle, and West Plano (where I reside) is voted number 1 in the DFW area to raise a family. So what does Locken know about Plano other than that I live there? Girl, bye! For anyone that doesn’t know, Plano is amazing and I love it. As far as the trunk show is concerned, it was an intimate affair and I made a nice purchase while enjoying my time with friends and learning more about the cause. Pretty sure the person that said it was a little Plano did not make a purchase! Again: Girl, bye!” Brandi Redmond explains on her blog.

Of course, Locken claims she was raised as a carny kid, and she is ready to set people straight who cross her. And while she feels confident in her decision to set everyone straight, it sounds like that isn’t exactly what the other Real Housewives of Dallas stars feel is appropriate, including Redmond.

What do you think about Brandi Redmond’s comments? Did you find her co-star to be too much?

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