‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Rumor: Is Jyn Erso Rey’s Mom? Daisy Ridley Responds

The trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One recently debuted to much praise from fans and, as expected, rumors and speculations flew, especially regarding lead female character, Jyn Erso. The Inquisitr recently reported on one of the more talked about rumors that emerged after the trailer’s release. Is Rogue One‘s Jyn Erso, played by actress Felicity Jones, Rey’s (Daisy Ridley’s) mother?

There are several important details that indicate Jyn just might be Rey’s mother. For one Jyn and Rey have similar features. Side-by-sides have been posted all over the internet and there’s no doubt the two actresses look alike.

Jyn and Rey also share the same accent, and the chronology makes sense as Rogue One takes place just before the events of 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope. According to The Guardian, Daisy is rumored to be aware of her Star Wars character Rey’s parental heritage. So is she going to spill some Star Wars secrets? Apparently not when it comes to the Jyn/Rey, mother/daughter rumor.

“I’m not being funny you guys, but just because [Jyn Erso’s] white and got brown hair … it doesn’t mean she’s my mom,” Ridley told MTV backstage at the MTV Movie Awards. She also pointed out she did not believe the detail of who was Rey’s mother was a big deal to the Star Wars storyline.

Ok, so maybe Star Wars producers just have a thing for casting brown haired caucasian women in lead female roles?

“I think the amazing thing about [Star Wars: The Force Awakens] is that Finn and Rey don’t come from anywhere, and they find a place,” Ridley added “So to me, it’s funny that people think it’s so important because I don’t really think it is.”

What about the rumor Rey will become a Jedi in future Star Wars movies? Rey can certainly fight like one, which was obvious from her confrontation with Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“I don’t know if I am a Jedi,” was Daisy’s response. “I don’t think I am.”

“We’ve had this debate as to whether [Carrie Fisher’s] Leia is because she uses her Force powers,” Ridley said. She goes on to add, “Just because she’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m going on an adventure like Luke’ doesn’t make her any less Forceful.”

Daisy is currently filming Star Wars: Episode VIII and it’s still uncertain how much of Rey’s background (if any) will be revealed in the next episode. Besides the idea that Jyn might be Rey’s mother, there is also the general consensus that Rey is likely Luke Skywalker’s long lost daughter. Rey is strong in the force (like her father before her, perhaps?) and there is also the emotional scene near the end of The Force Awakens where Rey extends the lightsaber to Skywalker. Theorizing father and daughter were meeting for the first time made the moment all that more intense.

Star Wars fans also like to point out Luke and Rey often make the same facial expressions. Was this planned or pure coincidence?

Another theory is Rey is Han Solo and Leia’s daughter. There are a few holes in this theory though, such as how does Han and Leia know about Kylo Ren, but not about their daughter Rey?

Perhaps, as Daisy pointed out, Rey’s parental heritage isn’t all that important. Still, it certainly is fun to theorize and connect the dots in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars VIII is set to be released December 15, 2017

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