Caitlyn Jenner Learns How To Fake An Orgasm, Will Only Date Men After Gender Reassignment Surgery

Caitlyn Jenner recently showed her fans a sneak peek of an episode of her show I am Cait, in which she attended a class on “gender-free orgasm” with her sister and friends.

Caitlyn was with her friends and sister, Pam Mettler, for the upcoming episode of the E! docu-series. Initially, the group talked to sexologist Barbara Carrellas as she explained how the class would transpire.

The sexologist is the partner of the I Am Cait star Kate Bornstein. She shared details about her partner’s work, saying that trans people are usually shy about their bodies, but that everything changed for the better when her partner came along.

Barbara Carellas welcomed her bewildered new group of students by saying: “Welcome to how to have a gender-free orgasm; it could also be called a breath and energy orgasm or thinking off.”

The sexologist continued to explain that the way people look at sex and orgasms is genitally focused, which is why the class revolves around how to achieve genital-free orgasms.

At one point, the whole group was asked to imagine an “orgy” in their minds and make moaning sounds. All of them were inside one room and formed a circle during the activity. Everyone was making moaning sounds, and Caitlyn Jenner joked sarcastically that the group never sounded better, as all of them awkwardly moaned.

After the first activity, the sexologist instructed the ladies to create an imaginary porn film in their minds and sound out the possible pleasurable sounds of the characters out loud. Caitlyn Jenner was heard saying in the clip, “What the hell am I doing?”

Caitlyn Jenner Attend a ‘Genderless Orgasm’ Class

While talking to the camera, Caitlyn’s close friend Candice Cayne shared that in their cross-road trip, the most difficult thing to do was the orgasm workshop. During the activities, she was laughing so hard and could not concentrate on the workshop.

Another person who was not comfortable with the class was Caitlyn’s sister, who just froze the whole time as she laid on the ground after the sexologist asked them to rock their pelvis back and forth. Caitlyn Jenner, however, might have felt something during the orgasm workshop. Candice tried to ask, but Caitlyn only smirked and said, “I can’t say, we’re on camera.”

In the last episode of the docu-series, Caitlyn Jenner revealed to Kris Jenner that she would only date men once she’s gotten a gender reassignment surgery. The mother of the Kardashian-Jenner girls seemed surprised by the admission but suggested that Caitlyn can go out for a drink without coming across as wanting the night to end in sex.

The former couple, who were married for 23 years, disagreed on how honest the former Olympian was early in their marriage.

Kris Jenner was firm when she said that she did not know Caitlyn Jenner wanted to be transgender, as she recalled one incident in which they were once in their driveway, and she was asked if she ever wanted to have more kids.

Kris Says She Had No Clue of Caitlyn Jenner’s Gender Issues

The momager continued, “I said, ‘God, no.’ He says, ‘Ugh, neither do I… I couldn’t have more kids if I wanted to.’ I went, ‘Wait, what?’ He goes, ‘Oh, jeez, back in the ’80s I messed around with this or that, and it kinda screwed up my sperm count.’ It could have been steroids for all I knew. He was an athlete; he never said estrogen… there was no, ‘I am transgender.'”

Caitlyn Jenner debuted her new look and identity last year when she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

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