Ashton Irwin Misses Ex-Girlfriend Bryana Holly After On-And-Off Relationship?

Ashton Irwin recently got out of a relationship with his girlfriend Bryana Holly, but it might be time that he start things back up with her again. Ashton and Bryana have been known for their on-and-off tendencies, which means that they might be in between states right now.

Meanwhile, the model is continuing to upload beautiful shots of herself in bikinis on the beach.

“Earlier this year she tweeted that she was single, seeming to quash rumours that she and 5SOS star Ashton Irwin were back together,” reports Daily Mail. “But on Tuesday Bryana Holly showed the boybander exactly what he’s missing as she sizzled in a racy bikini shoot in Miami. The 23-year-old model showed off her flawless figure in a leopard print Guess bikini, that featured a tasseled detail around the bra top.”

The 23-year-old model has been making sure that her ex-boyfriend takes notice of her as she flaunts her assets by the beach. The good thing is that she has the versatility of playing naughty and nice, which can drive boys crazy all around her.

Check out her innocent take on the bikini look below!

The last time that he was seen with his ex-girlfriend was around New Year’s, when he was caught strolling hand in hand with the beauty.

“Though rather coy about whether they were dating in the first place, Ashton Irwin announced his break up from model Bryana Holly in early November,” reports Daily Mail. “But the 5 Seconds Of Summer drummer and the Playboy playmate definitely looked like a couple as they took a hand-in-hand stroll in West Hollywood on Saturday.”

If this pattern of splitting and getting back together persists, it will be only a matter of time before Ashton and Bryana find themselves back in each other’s arms.

Meanwhile, Ashton Irwin, the clown of 5 Seconds of Summer, is enjoying his single life to the max, asking out radio hosts for fun and, maybe, seriously as well.

“This is the awkward horrible moment that 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Ashton Irwin got rejected live on air on Thursday morning by Radio 1’s news presenter Tina Daheley,” reports Metro. “After Tina read the 8.30am news bulletin, the band commented on how ‘great she reads the news’ and host Nick Grimshaw asked the band if they wanted her to read anything out for them. ‘I was going to say does she want to come to our show but…’ said Ashton and as the rest of the band laughed and called him ‘creepy’, Tina thanked them and said ‘maybe.'”

Sounds like the 5 Seconds of Summer drummer is practicing for the days that he gets to ask a girl out in real life. A good practice though!

But the fans are wondering if Bryana Holly is ever on his mind as they take some time off. Since they came together this time last year, there must be some feelings afloat.

“The couple have been known for their on-again off-again relationship since they were first spotted hand in hand in May 2015 while attending Coachella music festival in America before taking to the streets of London weeks later,” reports Daily Mail. “After months of being spotted in public together, Ashton finally confirmed their romance during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.”

Whatever may be on the 5 Seconds of Summer drummer’s mind, he is definitely occupied with all the shows and tours to consider it seriously. He has been posting endless Instagram photos of his shows, showing that he is loving his life as a musician on the road.

It’s hard not to love a face like that!

[Photos by Ashton Irwin, Bryana Holly/Getty Images]

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