Brandi Glanville Posts Pic In Thong Inspired By Kim Kardashian

Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is bringing some attention to herself tonight with a new pic that she has posted on Instagram. In this picture, Brandi is showing off her entire backside and wearing a thong. She says she wanted to share this photo because she is so proud of how she is doing. Fans are actually embracing her new pic, and seem to be loving it. Brandi isn’t holding anything back at all.

Brandi isn’t on RHOBH anymore, but she has shown up from time to time this season. Right now, she is working on her podcast, and it looks like she is working out as well.

Brandi says she feels like she has worked hard to have a body like this and is loving it. She is 43, and the mother of two sons. The sexy selfie is in right now and Brandi isn’t holding anything back. She mentions that she has been inspired by Kim Kardashian, who posts pictures like this all the time, even though she is the mother of two young children as well. If the fans continue to embrace her openness, Brandi could decide to make a habit out of posting these kinds of pics.

Brandi Glanville’s fans are commenting and telling her how great she looks and that they wish they looked that good. Most people are proud of Brandi and all of the hard work she has put in to look healthy at her age. She has been working hard and it seems to be paying off for her.

Bravo TV shares that Brandi Glanville actually has a new man in her life. She is now dating former Road Rules competitor Theo Von. The two are reportedly hitting it off, even though their relationship is in the early stages. They are both former reality stars and can relate to each other. Both stars also have their own podcasts. No word yet on if it is serious or if he has met Brandi’s two sons. Brandi Glanville actually revealed the details of their relationship on The Daily Dish.

“Well, I’m dating. So I just — I’m not looking for anything. If it happens organically, which the guy that I have a crush on right now it happened organically, than it’s great. It’s new. We’re chilling. We’re dating and he’s busy and I’m busy. I like him. He’s funny.”

Besides being a reality TV star, Theo Von is also a comedian. He has done several reality shows and has even been on Brandi Glanville’s podcast. The two are taking things slow at the moment and Brandi shares the details.

“He’s a comedian. He’s hilarious and I think the most important thing that any guy can do for you is make you laugh. And whether we become a couple or best friends, who knows? But I know we definitely have chemistry and I enjoy hanging out with him.”

These two really could turn into something serious. They both understand being in the spotlight, but they are also not on big reality shows right now. Brandi loves how funny he is and things are looking up for her right now.

Are you shocked to see that Brandi Glanville posted this picture on social networks? Do you think that Brandi is showing off too much? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

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