‘Suicide Squad’ Reshoot: Backlash From The ‘Batman V. Superman’ Failure?

Just as the dismal failure of Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice spreads throughout the online community, news that David Ayer has been reshooting scenes for his own Warner Bros. project, Suicide Squad, brings up questions and troubling suspicions that the studio is unhappy with the direction their deal with DC Entertainment is taking them. Many fans are wondering whose idea a reshoot was and while Ayer has his own comments on the matter, there still lingers belief that studio executives were behind the Suicide Squad scene adjustments.

The Suicide Squad Reshoot Comes On The Heels Of The Release Of A New Trailer

Suicide Squad has drawn the attention of millions of fans since the first rumblings of the film adaptation began circulating at comic book conventions and even before filming began, so it’s not surprising that the public has been keeping an eye on all things related to the Suicide Squad film. That goes for a sudden reshoot, spurring supposition among critics as well as fans. The majority of those speculating on the motives behind the Suicide Squad reshoot suggest that Warner Bros. wasn’t happy with fan responses to the more serious overtones in the latest trailer, as opposed to the popularity of the humorous first trailer for Suicide Squad, which was released several months ago.

Some are suggesting that the earlier trailer contained all of the laughs from the film, spliced together to give Suicide Squad a much lighter tone than it really possesses, following the disastrous fan reaction to Batman v Superman. While it seems unlikely that a studio would basically re-film an entire project after the fact, due to the failure of another film, there’s really no saying for certain what Warner Bros. might be thinking.

Suicide Squad director, David Ayer, on the other hand, has already responded to rumors that Batman v Superman has had an effect on how Warner Bros. wants Suicide Squad handled. The director denied to his Twitter followers that the previous film had anything to do with the Suicide Squad reshoot.

“#SuicideSquad ‘reshoots for humor’ is silly. When a studio loves your movie and asks what else you want, go for it! #ThanksWB#moreaction,” tweeted Ayer.

What Does The New Suicide Squad Trailer Tell Us About The Film?

To quote Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, “What a ride!”

The plot of Suicide Squad still remains shrouded in mystery. Initially, it was thought that the Joker (Jared Leto) was the reason this group of villains was being assembled in Suicide Squad, but this new trailer starts out suggesting that the danger might be even more unpredictable than that. The first shots of this trailer have a gathering of government officials showing concern that Superman (who would presumably be played by Henry Cavill) might go rogue, or possibly already has, requiring a measured response from the government. Hence, the Suicide Squad is created.

This suggests more from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice storyline, pulling in Ben Affleck’s Batman on the side of the government and aligning him, albeit reluctantly, with the members of the Suicide Squad. Even as much as Batman has been seen in the Suicide Squad teasers and trailers, this is, first and foremost, a Suicide Squad antihero film, so the focus will be primarily on them. Among the Squad, Margot Robbie again stands out as Harley Quinn and, as thrilling as Jared Leto is as the Joker, Robbie seems to steal every scene with her adorable and lovably sadistic Harley Quinn.

Will Smith also deserves a mention for adding his own special flair to the Deadshot character.

Prepare yourself for the best Suicide Squad trailer yet.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.

[Image by Warner Bros.]

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