‘STRONG’ Contestants Strive To Get Fit And Win Big

STRONG is a new NBC reality fitness series that takes 10 female trainees and pairs them up with 10 male trainers in order to help them achieve a healthy balance between mind and body. Reality TV World shared that as they get into shape both physically and emotionally, each STRONG team which is made up of one contestant and one trainer, will work together and compete in a wide variety of very strenuous physical challenges.

The pairings won’t be announced until the first episode of STRONG, but names and other information provided via NBC’s STRONG page regarding the individual trainers and trainees is listed below.

These STRONG trainers could be considered the “elite” of the fitness training world, and each one has an impressive coaching background. The 10 women competing on STRONG will be getting the very best training and conditioning possible.

Leyon Azubuike is a 29-year-old strength and conditioning coach hailing from Santa Monica, California. Part of this STRONG coach’s training style includes incorporating his boxing experience, which he believes is a very effective training technique for women.

Todd Durkin is an internationally recognized personal trainer specializing in strength, speed, and conditioning. The 44-year-old STRONG trainer is from San Diego, California, and runs his own gym, Fitness Quest 10.

Ky Evans is 43-years-old and is from Marina del Rey, California. This STRONG coach has worked with television and film personalities, professional athletes, and even Olympians. A trained ballet dancer, this STRONG trainer has been featured in over 40 fitness publications.

For over 21 years, Drew Logan has been a fitness and nutrition expert, celebrity trainer, and spokesperson for the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. This 41-year-old STRONG coach lives in Manhattan Beach, California. Besides providing coaching for STRONG, Logan has worked with well-known celebrities ranging from television, pop, and country music stars to pro-sports athletes.

Mathew Miller is 34-years-old and is from Las Vegas, Nevada. For the past eight years, this STRONG trainer has been the strength and condition coach for the Las Vegas acrobatic water show “Le Reve.” This STRONG coach is responsible for making sure the performers stay in top shape and are ready to perform two shows nightly for five nights a week.

Wesley Okerson is only 37, but is considered a 20-year fitness veteran. As a personal trainer, a few of this STRONG fitness coach’s clients have included celebrities Gerard Butler and Katie Holmes

Thirty-three-year-old Adam Von Rothfelder is a former MMA fighter hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This STRONG trainer owns CoMo, which is a strength training and indoor Parkour facility.

Besides coaching on STRONG, Chris Ryan is known as one of New York’s most popular personal trainers among health-conscious, top business leaders in the area. This 35-year-old STRONG trainer is also an international fitness model and has been on the cover of several fitness magazines including GQ, Men’s Health, and Men’s Fitness.

Dan Wells is 41-years-old and lives in Studio City, California. This STRONG coach is the owner of the popular CrossFit Horsepower Gyms located throughout the Los Angeles area. He has hundreds of clients frequenting his gyms, including many celebrities.

Thirty-nine-year-old Bennie Wylie is from Tuscola, Texas, and is a former strength and conditioning coach for Texas Tech University and the University of Tennessee. This STRONG trainer is currently based in Abilene, Texas, and has worked with some of the best and most promising athletes in the country.

The 10 STRONG trainees are a diverse group of women and come from all over the country. They each have only one main goal in mind and that is to come out not just healthy in both mind and body, but to become the overall STRONG winner of up to $500,000 in prize money. The winner of STRONG will be determined based on their physical transformation and overall performance.

Nicole Bentley is 25-years-old and lives in Los Angeles, California. After watching her mother’s battle with cancer, this STRONG competitor is motivated to become as strong as her mother. She would also like to be more of a positive role model for her younger sister.

Devon Cassidy is a young professional and lives in Allston, Massachusetts. The 24-year-old STRONG competitor wants to get her life back on track by becoming fit and strong.

32-year-old Victoria Castillo is a wedding photographer from Santa Ana, California. After taking photos of so many beautiful brides, this STRONG participant would like to become as fit as the women in her photographs.

STRONG contestant Giovanna Cicerchia is a stay-at-home mother with three children. This 38-year-old STRONG participant is from Wyckoff, New Jersey, and wants to make a big change in her life by taking control of her health.

Claudia “CC” Collazo is 40-years-old and hails from Teaneck, New Jersey. A devoted wife and mother to two teenage daughters, she is ready to work hard on STRONG to get into the best shape possible.

Brittany Harrell-Miller is 25-years-old and is an eighth-grade algebra teacher from Lawrence, Kansas. This STRONG trainee also enjoys power tumbling, working out on a trampoline, and competitive cheerleading.

Jasmine Loveless just turned 30 and is from West Hollywood, California. She is a professional bookkeeper and also cares for her mother. This STRONG trainee is looking to get in shape in order to build up her confidence and perhaps to even find love for the first time.

Thirty-five-year-old Jill May is from Willmar, Minnesota and is a busy mother to four children. She wants to get back on track, showing her children and others as she trains on STRONG that there is always room for improvement.

STRONG participant Sarah Miller is 29-years-old and lives in Chicago, Illinois. This STRONG trainee is a freelance writer and looks forward to getting strong and fit in order to be more independent and to reach her true potential.

Mahogany Brown Roberts would like to regain a positive attitude and a healthier physique. This 38-year-old STRONG participant is from Nashville, Tennessee.


After going through a series of challenges, each week there will be two STRONG teams heading to a giant, four-story structure called the “Elimination Tower.” There the STRONG teams will battle to come out on top, putting every ounce of their new-found strength and determination to the test. The losing STRONG team will be eliminated.

STRONG is hosted by professional volleyball player, sports announcer, fashion model and actress Gabriella Reece, and this is a 10-episode series. STRONG is produced by 25/7 Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television. Executive producers are Oscar-nominated film star Sylvester Stallone, Dave Broome (The Biggest Loser), Kevin King Templeton (Creed) and Holly Wofford (American Ninja Warrior).

According to Deadline Hollywood, STRONG will kick off with a two-night premiere. There will be two back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, April 13 beginning at 9 p.m. ET. STRONG will then air on a regular time slot on Thursday, April 14 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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