Are Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Breaking Up Or Getting Married?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been taking their whirlwind romance worldwide. After spending time together in Disneyland and Hawaii, they were recently spotted spending even more time with each other in Colorado.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been heating up the cold snowy resort of Aspen. They were spotted walking arm-in-arm over the weekend, looking like an “official couple.” Neither Perry, 31, nor Bloom, 39, has commented about their relationship, but it’s obvious that they’re serious about each other.

Over the weekend, the hot new couple was spotted attending Jamie Schneider’s wedding at Chaparral Ranch Woody Creek. Katy was seen rubbing elbows with Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson. The stars even shared videos and photos of the event on Snapchat. An insider told E! News the reason why Katy and Orlando have been traveling so much lately.

“Katy and Orlando enjoy traveling together, so whenever they have an opportunity they try to make it work. All of Katy’s friends and family like Orlando, so bringing him away with her is always a great time.”

E! Online also shared the photos of Perry and Orlando looking rather cozy with one another. It appears that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other as an alleged eyewitness said that the pair “were very lovey dovey the whole weekend.”

“They looked very happy. Katy hooked her arm around his at one point as they were walking and she snuggled in close to him. They were arm in arm and looking very in love. They looked like regular tourists, just strolling and enjoying themselves.”

But is Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship already over? Rumors are swirling that Katy Perry tried to make out with a stranger in front of her new boyfriend. Life & Style claims that Perry and Bloom hardly spent time with each other when they visited the Tenants of the Trees lounge in Los Angeles earlier this month. Another eyewitness revealed that Perry didn’t look like her usual self that night, but she still managed to find another guy to flirt with.

“They were both socializing with everyone and weren’t standing next to each other much of the night. Katy didn’t look all glammed up. If you didn’t know she was Katy Perry, you wouldn’t have blinked an eye when she walked by.”

But the “Dark Horse” singer did not hide her identity, as she was supposedly seen putting the moves on a mystery guy at the cocktail bar.

“At one point, Katy moved over toward a handsome guy that she’d never met and tried to make out with him. She literally pressed her lips against his and tried to french kiss! [The stranger] was so shocked, he pulled away really quickly. He didn’t even know it was her and tried to move away from her.”

The source did not reveal if Bloom and Perry had a confrontation over the incident. It’s also any wonder if the actor tried to hit the guy like that time when he attempted to throw a punch at Justin Bieber at a bar in Ibiza. Meanwhile, Page Six’s insiders claim that Perry and Bloom seemed “awkward” with each other and “more like friends — not affectionate at all.”

But Hollywood Life’s insiders insists that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are serious about their romance. The pop star even flew to England to meet his mother, but that doesn’t mean they’re talking marriage anytime soon.

“Katy is only interested in getting married if it is forever, she has been down that road before and it didn’t work out so she doesn’t want to rush into something that may crumble in the future. Her relationship with Orlando is great but it is not near forever mode just yet. Marriage isn’t in the discussion currently between them both.”

It makes sense since the couple has only been dating for three months. What are your thoughts on Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom? Do you think they’re breaking up or getting serious? Sound off below in the comments section.

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