‘The Flash’: ‘Supergirl’ Crossover Could Come With These Kinks, Zoom Takes A Hostage Next Episode, And This Star Wants To Return [Spoilers]

The Flash Season 2 has been to other Earths and has seen variants of most of the characters on its show as this season nears the finale. The Flash‘s most notable crossover with other DC Comics characters was obviously with Supergirl, as part of its monumental feat was the network crossover between the CW and CBS. The Flash did crossover with Supergirl, but there were obvious kinks, as they were still from separate Earths. According to The Mary Sue, even though a Supergirl crossover on The Flash is becoming more likely, it will have the same caveats.

The Flash showrunner and writer Andrew Kreisberg dances around the idea but confirms that Supergirl very well could end up on the show.

“Any Kara that exists on Earth 1 would also have to have been an alien. It can’t just be Kara Danvers from Poughkeepsie. Does that mean she could be a potential super (or maybe a power) girl on his Earth, too? ‘Sure, different costume, but sure.'”

Powergirl is Supergirl’s Earth-2 doppelganger, so if The Flash can’t have the regular Earth-1 Kara Zor-El, this would make the most sense for her crossover. The Flash is unlikely to have a Supergirl crossover this late in Season 2, but Season 3 isn’t out of the question. The Flash character that has been the most crucial to Season 2 has been Zoom.

Zoom and Wally West
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Barry Allen knows that Zoom is Jay Garrick. Well, sort of. The Flash episode “Versus Zoom,” which is the one coming in just one-week, is about to prove just who Zoom really is. “Versus Zoom” is not just about Zoom’s return and identity, but also who he has in mind to hold hostage as leverage this time.

The Flash’s Wally West will likely become Kid Flash at some point, so it is unlikely that he will be killed, unless Kid Flash is an Earth-2 character that fans will eventually meet. Zoom’s plan is unknown, but The Flash returns after an unusual two-week break, and it will likely begin to unfold soon.

Teddy Sears as Zoom
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Speaking of characters that have been killed by Zoom, and one by the singularity, Robbie Amell says he would love to return as Firestorm.

“I hope so. I am not back this season. They’re just finishing up the season [2] finale, and I wasn’t available… and they didn’t ask me. There were a lot of really big storylines to tie up and I had dinner with Greg Berlanti the other night and I asked him for all the spoilers and he gave them to me, and you guys are in for one incredible final stretch of season 2. But I would love to go back. I told him: ‘Whenever I’m available, whenever you want me, I’m there.’ I would prefer to go back as Firestorm [rather] than Deathstorm.”

By Robbie Amell’s own admission, regarding his interest in returning to The Flash, is that he would like to be a recurring character, as he told Screenrant that his interest in returning as Firestorm instead of Deathstorm is based on that very thing.

“I loved playing Deathstorm but I think it’s tougher to have a serious arc if I’m going back as a bad guy, because I just won’t last as long.”

The Flash seems unlikely to accommodate two Firestorm actors, and barring some unforeseen accident, Jackson will continue to be Firestorm. Supergirl and Robbie Amell could be showing up in the future, but only one of the two is likely. As for Zoom, with just six episodes left, The Flash and company should be on the fast track to the planned conclusion. Zoom likely has big plans for The Flash, and fans will find out soon enough what they are.

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