Robert Downey Jr. Puts On Bunny Suit For ‘Biggest Announcement Ever’

Robert Downey Jr. has traded in his Iron Man costume for a very different kind of outfit in a video released today. Downey, dressed as the Easter Bunny, unveiled a new charity initiative today, called Random Act Funding.

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey, are launching the charity in order to raise funds for a few different causes: the Motion Picture Television Fund, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. In the promo video released today, which Robert Downey Jr. says was filmed over Easter weekend — hence, the bunny suit — the Iron Man star announced a contest to go along with the new charity endeavor.

Fans who donate more than $10 to the Random Act Funding charity will be entered to win a shot at the grand prize: a sizeable prize pack that includes a screening of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War hosted by none other than Robert Downey Jr. himself. Additionally, Downey’s charity contest includes other prizes like a photo shoot with Robert Downey Jr., a pizza party at Downey’s favorite New York restaurant, and the lucky fans will be invited to attend Downey’s appearance on The Tonight Show later this year, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“We’re dedicated to distributing kindness in the form of financial support at a local, national and global level,” said Robert Downey Jr. in his video announcement today.

The charity initiative, Random Act Funding, a joint project between Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, isn’t the first time the Captain America: Civil War star has used his star power to raise funds for charity. Downey has reportedly made numerous appearances at Make-A-Wish Foundation events, sometimes in character, visiting children while they undergo treatment for serious illnesses.

Just last year, charity organization Omaze helped raise over $2 million for a new hospice center for children backed by Robert Downey Jr. Downey’s new charity follows suit, according to the Captain America: Civil War star, who says his charity organization will target different causes each year, banding together with a few different organizations each year rather than focus on a single charity cause.

“Each year we’re gonna band together, select a few different organizations that are really changing the world and then just like we did with Julia’s House, we’re gonna grant them funds to achieve amazing things,” said Robert Downey Jr. in a video announcement today.

The announcement of Robert Downey Jr.’s new charity comes just a month ahead of the release of his next big Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, which stars Downey as Iron Man opposite Chris Evans’ Captain America. In the new film, the two Avengers heroes are at odds, taking different stances on an important piece of legislation in the Marvel Universe. Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man supports the new rules for superheroes, new laws to keep them all in check and protect the public from the threat that superheroes can pose in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reports Comic Book Resources.

Chris Evans’ Captain America, on the other hand, stands up to his close friend and kicks off a conflict that introduces new characters and has far-reaching consequences for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the Civil War event in Marvel Comics is any indication, Captain America: Civil War will be a massive event for Marvel’s TV and film empire, the repercussions of which will likely show up in other properties.

Captain America: Civil War is slated to hit screens around the world on May 6, 2016, but some lucky fans who contribute to Downey’s new charity will get the chance to see the upcoming film in a private screening hosted by Robert Downey Jr. himself.

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