Leah Messer Reacts To Corey Simms’ Baby News: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Welcomes Daughter Remi

Leah Messer appears to shade her ex-husband, Corey Simms, after learning he and wife Miranda welcomed their first child together on Teen Mom 2.

After revealing to her twin daughters, 6-year-old Ali and Aleeah, that their step-mother, Miranda, had given birth to a baby girl named Remi, Leah Messer explained to the youngsters that they should have heard the news directly from Simms.

“It looks like your daddy and Miranda had your little sister. Want to see a picture? She’s cute, huh?” Leah Messer asked her daughters in the sneak peek at the April 11 episode of Teen Mom 2. “You’ll get to see her. They should’ve called or something and told you.”

When Ali and Aleeah begin chatting about the baby, Leah Messer continues on, making sure they know that their father and step-mother should have told them the news themselves.

“I know… they should’ve called,” Leah Messer said for a second time.

Leah Messer continued on, telling the girls that she would be contacting Simms in an effort to help him out by keeping the twins longer than she would normally. As fans will recall, Leah Messer’s time with the twins was cut short episodes earlier after a judge awarded primary custody of the girls to Simms.

“It’s really hard having a baby in general, but it’s really hard to have a baby that early so I’ll reach out to your daddy and see if he needs any help with you guys,” Leah Messer told her daughters. “I’ll ask your daddy if he wants you guys to stay with me for a little while so that way I can get to school.”

Then, after one of her daughters pointed out that Simms may not agree, Leah Messer said, “If he says no, there’s nothing I can do.”

Leah Messer lost custody of her twin girls in October of last year after reportedly failing to get them to school on time, and while she claims she has improved, Ali said otherwise during a conversation with their father. As Aleeah revealed, Ali told their father that while he gets them to school on time, her mother, Leah Messer, does not. During the scene in question, Leah Messer became frustrated with Ali, and told her not to lie.

“You been getting there on time,” Leah Messer told her daughter in a clip from the previous episode of Teen Mom 2. “Ali, why would you lie like that? First of all, you guys have no business worrying about what time you get to school. You guys just need to school … need to go to school … Let me and your father handle what time you get to school.”

“You understand Ali?” Leah Messer asked as her daughter’s glasses fell off of her face.

“Give me those damn glasses!” she then told her. “Don’t even talk about it! Do you hear me Ali?”

Leah Messer’s daughter Aleeah began to cry later in the scene, and explained that she missed her mother after spending the week with Simms and his wife.

Leah Messer’s relationship with Simms has been strained for years, and now that he’s won custody of her children, things are likely even more tense between them.

For more of Leah Messer, Corey Simms and their families, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7, airing on Monday nights at 10 p.m., and check out the full sneak peek at Leah Messer’s chat with her daughters below.

[Photo via Leah Messer/Facebook]

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