‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kayla Gets Bad News And Reminisces With Steve, Chad Intervenes As Abby’s Plan Progresses

Monday brings a big episode for fans of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers tease that there will be monumental moments on the way involving Chad DiMera, Abigail Deveraux, and Ben Weston while Kayla Brady and Steve Johnson will be facing some emotional moments as well. Where are things headed in the April 11 show?

The last that viewers saw of Abby and Ben, she had him bound to a bed, covered him in accelerant, and held a lit match in her hand. Weston taunted his former fiancee that there was no way she would really go through with her plan, but DOOL spoilers tease that she seemingly will go ahead and set him on fire.

However, this is not the end of Weston. He will end up burned and at the hospital, and it sounds as if Chad likely intervenes before Abby’s plan fully succeeds. According to spoilers from We Love Soaps, Chad will be quite worried about his wife’s mental state after what he sees happening, and he will reach out to Marlena to sort through all that has happened.

As the week continues, DiMera is said to try to cover up his bride’s involvement in what happened to Weston. Given the fact that Kate Mansi is leaving the role of Deveraux fairly soon, DOOL viewers have a hunch that the character may end up being sent off to a psychiatric facility for a few months, as a new actress is likely stepping into the role when the fall episodes begin.


Monday’s episode also brings bad news for Kayla. She has been through a lot over the past few months, with Ava tormenting her family to the point where Joey killed Ava and Steve almost went to prison for the deed. Kayla broke off her engagement with Steve, but he is not ready to give up so easily. DOOL spoilers tease that Steve and Kayla will spend some time together in this next show, reminiscing over their past.

Unfortunately, Kayla is facing a new challenge. Fans have seen that she has been struggling a bit recently with her health, and spoilers detail that Kayla will learn from Dr. Fynn that she has a subdural hematoma. Will this health crisis pave the way for a reunion with Steve, or will it make her all the more determined to keep her distance?

As the week continues, DOOL spoilers via Soap Central detail that Eric will receive his sentence related to the accident that killed Daniel. He will be facing five years behind bars, and teasers indicate that the news may end up prompting some drinking and bad decisions. Eric and Jennifer end up in bed together, and it is said that things will be complicated and awkward afterwards. By the end of the week, Eric will bid farewell to his family as Greg Vaughan exits the role, at least for now.

There are big moments ahead for Hope and Rafe this week, and viewers can expect to see more related to Victor, Deimos, Nicole, and Helena over the next few episodes too. DOOL spoilers have teased big changes with arrivals and departures in the coming months and viewers are quite curious to see where things are headed. There are hints that scandals are going to explode and a new Salem disaster may be hitting this summer, but everybody will have to wait and see where things are headed on this front over the coming weeks.

Can Chad save Abby from fully breaking down after all she has been through? How serious will Kayla’s condition be, and what does it mean for her relationship with Steve? Days of Our Lives fans are curious to see what is coming next and cannot wait to find out where things are headed in Salem.

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