Dorinda Medley On Bethenny Frankel: ‘I Was Very Upset By A Comment She Made’

The Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley is back for another season of the show and it sounds like she wasn’t planning on being the target during the first season. Dorinda filmed a scene with Bethenny Frankel and new housewife, Jules Wainstein, and it sounds like she was surprised that Bethenny would make comments about Jules’ weight and Dorinda’s relationship with John. It’s no secret that John has been under the microscope.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of New York star Dorinda Medley is now revealing that she was actually kind of hurt by the comments that Frankel made during their lunch with their men. During the lunch, Frankel hinted that Dorinda Medley had to be carried out of a party because she was drinking too much. But Medley wasn’t happy that her co-star made her look like an alcoholic who had a drinking problem.

“Of course, Bethenny doesn’t just stop with her commentary on Jules. Good ol’ Dorinda gets the full treatment too. Here’s the thing, I didn’t get ‘carried out’ of nowhere. I was very upset by a comment she made, and I did not bounce back from it very easily. We were having a party, it was late, and a few too many mouths were yapping about things that don’t concern them. Bethenny knows what I’m talking about,” Medley reveals in her blog, sharing that she was a bit upset about Frankel’s comments.

But Dorinda was just one of the housewives who her co-star had a problem with. During the lunch with the new housewife, Jules, Frankel made comments about how skinny the new wife was. She was picking at her food, passing plates around while filming the scene. And Bethenny kept commenting on how skinny she was and how it couldn’t be healthy.

“As you saw in this episode, Bethenny has an opinion on everything, and it’s usually not a nice one. It’s just not nice! If it’s not someone’s boyfriend, it’s their home, or their friends, or their lifestyle, or their breakfast choices … there’s always an opinion. OK I get it … she doesn’t like John! That’s fine. I don’t need her to. I don’t need anyone to like John. I don’t need anyone to like ME either,” Dorinda Medley revealed, sharing that she is clearly upset about Bethenny’s comments about John.

Throughout the season, Medley will be defending her relationship to her co-stars. Many of the housewives have said that John isn’t the right guy for her. Ramona Singer has said that there’s someone better for her, and several housewives have said that he’s always trying to “sell himself” to the ladies. Kristen Taekman did think he was too grabby and Sonja Morgan has hinted that he does go out with other women without Dorinda knowing. But for Medley, it’s all about being happy with one another and nothing else.

“I love John, I care for John, he loves me, I love him, and that’s all that matters to me, and that’s all that’s important. At the end of the day, I also have my opinions about how someone runs their life or their family or their love life, but I’m their friend, not their mother, not their husband, and not their boss. A friend is supportive, understanding, and unconditionally loving and loyal. Period,” Dorinda revealed in her blog, sharing that things may just get worse as the season progresses. Even on this week’s episode, Medley gets angry after hearing what people are saying about John.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley’s comments? Do you think her co-star was out of line?

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