Victoria Beckham Teases Fans About Possible Music Comeback

Victoria Beckham has been far too busy with her various career pursuits to make a comeback in the music world, but she did tease fans that it was possible recently with a carefully-worded Instagram post.

The former Spice Girl took to the piano with a mic and her friend Ken Paves for a quick snap, saying, “For one night only Las Vegas! VB and Ken!! Live!!!!! #reunion @davidbeckham @kenpaves #funinvegas!!!”

The pic had fans wondering if she might be reconsidering jumping back into the bright lights of a music career since apparently she misses it, but Victoria’s rep told TMZ that she’s not interested.

Rumors began to circulate online earlier this year that the Spice Girls would be putting together a reunion tour for the 20th anniversary of their debut and that Beckham would join them for a limited number of shows. However, her rep ruled that out, saying her focus is elsewhere.

“She has been very respectful about the fabulous time they had together in the past, however her focus is now very much her family and fashion business.”

Victoria Beckham recently did a photo shoot to go with an interview for Vogue China, where she said that where she used to be famous, she is now successful. The fashion designer and mother of four says her secret is giving her all in everything she does.

“I used to be famous, now I’m successful. Anything I take on I do it at 110 percent because that’s the only way I know how to do it,” Beckham said.

Victoria unintentionally caused quite a ruckus on Instagram when she shared some photos from the shoot, one of which had fans wondering if the image had been digitally altered. In it, Victoria appears to be dancing and is holding her leg up, exposing a bit of the white panties she was wearing beneath her dress. An optical illusion of sorts makes it appear that a big chunk of her leg has disappeared, causing a dispute in the comments section of the post.

The photo shoot is getting a lot of attention, and not just because of one image. Beckham appears as we rarely see her: loose, free, and silly, wearing her hair in long waves that almost reach her waist. As Posh Spice, fans were used to Victoria being the serious one, and although she isn’t smiling in the photo shoot, it’s clear she wants to show off another side of herself.

Victoria doesn’t have time to worry about such trivial things as Photoshop rumors, however; she’s been busy working on her fashion line, which is getting rave reviews. The most recent fall/winter line includes corsets paired with skirts and flats and a mixture of heavy fabrics with unexpected lush touches, like leather elbow patches on sweaters.

“It’s just what I want to wear now but in a fresh way,” Victoria told the Guardian.

Victoria Beckham first launched her designs in 2008 and sufficiently wowed the fashion world, with former Harper’s Bazaar editor Sarah Bailey calling it “an extraordinary presentation, and she was very sweetly nervous and humble. She talked through this collection of dresses with such incredible conviction and you could almost feel hearts and minds being melted as we were sitting there. The progress from there has been meticulous and impressive.”

The 10-dress collection won over even the hardest-to-impress fashion editors, who were introduced to Beckham as the often scantily-clad Posh Spice, and Vogue praised her style and intuition.

“The woman formerly known as Posh Spice has launched a dress collection, and, believe it or not, it’s one of the hottest things going in New York this week,” the magazine wrote of Victoria Beckham.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

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