If You Follow Taye Diggs On Twitter He Will Most Likely Follow You Back, And Here’s Why

Taye Diggs, the actor most known from the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice, has quite the following, made up of people who eagerly await news of his latest projects. In particular, Taye Diggs has an impressive following on the social media site Twitter, and it could be because of his unique approach to following his fans.

According to GQ, Taye Diggs follows almost everybody who follows him on Twitter.

His wife, Idina Menzel, seems to follow just a select group of the people who follow her, as do most other celebrities: but Taye Diggs is not your average celebrity because he apparently follows everybody. As it turns out, the Twitter account of the Private Practice star isn’t manned by the celebrity himself: it’s managed by a social media expert by the name of Lance Laifer. Lance Laifer is a 51-year-old ex-hedge fund manager from Long Island, and he runs Old Forge Media.

Laifer spoke on his approach to following people on Twitter, saying that he views the social media platform as a “two-way device,” and noting that he previously advised a different client to “follow as many people [as the number of people who follows them] plus another 10%,” regardless of the effect it may have on their Klout score.

“Basically, they didn’t want to listen to that many people. To me, that’s like having a telephone and just using the mouthpiece and not the earpiece. It just doesn’t seem like you’re treating people with respect. I think it seems like you’re trying to elevate yourself.”

So while the previous client didn’t follow the social media expert’s advice, Taye Diggs has. And Laifer insists that Taye Diggs’ Twitter account doesn’t simply follow people automatically: that it’s all done manually.

Lance Laifer went on to speak on how people reacted initially to Taye Diggs following all these people.

“There was tension on it. You know, people didn’t understand what was going on. My perspective on it is people acted rather immaturely. … However people interpreted it, I think most people in the world, when they got a follow from Taye Diggs, they felt happy.”

Taye Diggs currently has over 607,000 followers, and his Twitter account follows over 575,000 people.

Fans who are really interested in following Taye Diggs’ career would have tuned in to the special 300th episode of NCIS. According to WUSA9, Taye Diggs appeared in the 300th episode of the show as a guest star.

The episode “Scope” had the NCIS team reexamine an ambush group of Spec Ops snipers in Iraq after an American couple was attacked in that same area six months prior. Taye Diggs played the role of Marine Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis, who is a lone survivor of the incident that Gibbs will be interviewing.

The actor has also been recently promoting his second children’s book, Mixed Me. According to ET Online, he was defending himself after his comments about his biracial son caused a controversy.

Taye Diggs comments related to his preference to refer to his son as mixed race rather than black. He felt that calling a biracial child “black” disrespects one-half of who they are by not acknowledging the other half of their ethnicity. By way of example, Taye Diggs mentioned the case of Barack Obama, who is commonly referred to as a black president when in reality, he is of biracial roots. The statements made by the actor were not well received by fans, leading him to take to social media to defend himself. Being proud of his son no matter what, Taye Diggs wants to give him the freedom to identify him with whichever side of the family tree he wants to.

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