Christina Aguilera Fired From ‘The Voice’ Amid Miley Cyrus And Adam Levine’s Feud?

Christina Aguilera is not going to be featured on the 11th season of The Voice, but judging by the latest report, there will be plenty of drama nonetheless.

While Christina Aguilera’s rumored feud with Gwen Stefani has been making headlines since Stefani took over Aguilera’s coaching role during Season 7, a new feud appears to have taken center stage on the NBC series.

On April 11, Movie News Guide shared a report that claimed Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine are butting heads because of their “very similar attitude.” As fans of the series will recall, Cyrus joined the show earlier this year as a mentor for Christina Aguilera’s team. And while she will return to the show for Season 11, producers may end up regretting their decision, as their longtime star, Levine, is reportedly annoyed by the young actress-turned-singer. In fact, the outlet’s headline claimed the two may “hate each other.”

News of Christina Aguilera’s co-stars’ feud was first reported earlier this month, just weeks into The Voice Season 10, by Us Weekly.

“They both have short attention spans,” a source close to the show told the magazine on April 6. “They find each other annoying. Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

While Cyrus may not have hit it off with Levine, she and Christina Aguilera appear to be getting along great, and she reportedly also has a friend in Blake Shelton.

“Blake and Miley got along extremely well!” the insider added.

As news of Levine and Cyrus’ reported feud continues to swirl, so do rumors of Christina Aguilera’s ongoing tension with Gwen Stefani and her boyfriend, Shelton. On April 9, Movie News Guide shared the latest update with readers, claiming Christina Aguilera may have been forced to step down from her role as coach due to the drama between her and her co-stars. At the same time, however, the outlet pointed out that Christina Aguilera has been involved in a coaching rotation for a while.

“Christina Aguilera has come and gone out of the show on numerous occasions. So it is nothing new that Miley Cyrus is to replace her in the new season,” the site explained. “It is a standard procedure of the show to keep on rotating the two middle chair coaches.”

According to a report weeks ago, Christina Aguilera became “furious” on the set of The Voice Season 10 after learning Stefani and Shelton had been offered a bonus to show more of their romance on the show.

“Blake and Gwen are getting an interesting offer from the show’s execs,” a source told Radar Online in March. “Producers want the two of them to give fans a full-on love-fest this season when she is a mentor on Team Blake, and they are going to throw in huge bonuses for exclusives, such as on-air duets, engagements, etc.”

“Christina is furious! Christina wants Gwen out of the picture and is already throwing mini-tantrums about it,” the site explained.

Stefani and Shelton’s romance began during The Voice Season 9, and on the set of the show, the couple has often been seen acting flirty, which likely led to Stefani’s Season 10 return as a mentor to Shelton’s team.

For more Christina Aguilera, tune into The Voice Season 10, airing on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC. For more on Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus’ feud, check out the Us Weekly clip below.

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