‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Is Rescued, Liam Explains To Steffy, And Bill Is Angling For Revenge

Monday brings a big episode of The Bold and the Beautiful that fans will not want to miss. Wyatt discovered Liam at Quinn’s cabin and brought him home, and Liam quickly reunited with Steffy on the beach. As viewers know, however, this is going to be a complicated reunion, and everybody is anxious to see where things head during the April 11 show.

As Bold and Beautiful spoiler previews tease, Liam will quickly fill Steffy in on what happened, at least to the degree he knows. He has recovered some key memories after seeing Wyatt at the cabin, but things are still hazy in some regards. However, he does still think he is engaged to Steffy and this will lead to some significant complications.

According to We Love Soaps, Liam will tell Steffy that Quinn has been the one responsible for keeping him away from town, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that this will leave Steffy quite shocked. He goes on to explain that Quinn claimed to be his wife and he had no memory and no reason to believe she was lying. Will Liam tell Steffy how intimate things got between “Adam” and “Eve”?

While Steffy and Liam are on the beach, Wyatt will be filling Bill in on what he discovered at the cabin. It will surprise nobody to hear Bold and Beautiful spoilers teasing that Bill is outraged over what has happened and he will quickly head off to try to get to Quinn, telling Wyatt not to call the police as he plans to handle things.

The last that viewers saw of Quinn, Wyatt and Liam had locked her up at the cabin. Bill may be anxious to get to her, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that someone else will get to her first. A surprise knight in shining armor is said to rescue Quinn, and it sounds as if this is very likely to be a not-so-dead Deacon.

This mysterious rescuer will free Quinn from the cabin before Bill gets to her, from the sounds of things, but just what does he have planned for her? There are no Bold and Beautiful spoilers available yet detailing what comes next on this front, but viewers are banking on some juicy scenes ahead.

As the week continues, Wyatt and Steffy will grapple with knowing that Liam has no idea that they shared a quickie romance and wedding. While Liam and Steffy had been struggling in their relationship before he disappeared, with him giving her reason to think that they were over, Wyatt and Steffy quickly realize that Liam still thinks he is engaged to her and is looking to patch things up.

In addition to all of the drama related to the cabin caper, Bold and Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central detail that there is action on the way tied to Katie. Bill and Brooke find her stash of liquor and it seems that Katie will be lashing out once again at her sister. In addition, Katie watches a heated confrontation between Ridge and someone she doesn’t know, and soon Ridge and Caroline will be scrambling when someone starts holding their secret about Douglas’ paternity against them.

Is Deacon the one who rescues Quinn from the cabin, and if so, what does he have in store for his ex-wife? How will Liam react when he learns that Steffy married Wyatt, and which man will she ultimately choose to stick with as this all plays out? It’s going to be a dramatic week on The Bold and the Beautiful, and fans cannot wait to see how this all plays out.

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