Farrah Abraham Shows Up To MTV Movie Awards With Ex-Boyfriend Simon Saran: More Than Friends?

Nobody really knows what is up with Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran, but it does look like the two might be back together once again. Today they showed up at the MTV Movie Awards together and really didn’t act like they were just friends.

Us Magazine shared how Farrah and Simon showed up together, and that they seemed like they were into each other. Farrah and Simon were even seen cuddling in the audience of the big award show. If they aren’t back together again, then these two have at least worked through their problems and are getting along great.

Farrah Abraham spoke out and said that they are just friends and that it is not romantic at this time. That didn’t keep the two from going with each other to the awards. Farrah did speak out about where they are at now. Here is what she revealed.

“We’re growing up. We have so much to do in our relationship, but we’re here as friends today. I already wished [an engagement] would happen, but no.”

Of course, she seemed to be teasing a bit about the engagement, but it is the truth. Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran broke up last year. It was a very serious relationship and her first one since the death of her daughter’s father, Derek Underwood.

It looked like Simon and Farrah would last forever. At one time, Farrah was pushing hard to get him to propose, but the two never tied the knot. Simon and Farrah may say they are just friends, but this video taken tonight has everyone wondering what is going on.

Hollywood Life shared back in February that some of the episodes of Teen Mom OG were all about Farrah Abraham and her relationship with Simon Saran. He did come to visit her on the same episode where she gave her daughter $1,000 for a tooth that she lost. Her mom Debra wasn’t thrilled to see him again, and she even confronted Simon about a few things. Debra spoke to him about his negative personality and here is what she had to say.

“That scares me, OK? That really scares me because that’s all forms of domestic violence. I’m not a violent person like that or kind of how you’re making me out to be right now. I mean, I’ve heard stories about you.”

Wet Paint revealed back in March that it looked like Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran were back together and more than friends. The two were spotted out together in Los Angeles and they were even shopping for an apartment together at the time. They were looking at a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom 2,700 square foot luxury townhouse worth about $870,000. Farrah Abraham also had the MTV camera crew along with her, which means that you will get to see it all go down on a future episode of the show.

It sounds like Farrah and Simon going through counseling could air in the upcoming season as well. She has been working hard and even booked her second big film since moving to Los Angeles.

Do you think that Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran are just friends? Do you feel like there is more to this relationship? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Teen Mom OG on MTV. It really does look like a lot of the next season could be about how things are with Farrah and Simon now.

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