Asifa Mirza Says Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi Tried To Assault Her Repeatedly, Asifa Demoted For Complaining About GG?

There was apparently a lot more to the cake fight between Asifa Mirza and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi than what viewers saw happen on the Shahs of Sunset season 5 premiere episode that aired on Sunday night. As the episode aired, Asifa tweeted that a lot was edited out.

Asifa criticized the network for not protecting her from GG, who she claimed kept trying to assault her.

In response to one viewer who told her that she should have never touched GG first, Asifa said that she couldn’t help it because GG “ridiculed” and “racially berated” her for months.

In response to another viewer who criticized her for touching GG, Asifa pointed out that it was a cake fight and that GG reacted violently.

Asifa also tweeted that a lot was edited and cut out by the producers and editors in order to not make GG look like Charles Manson.

Bobby Panahi, Asifa Mirza’s ex-husband with whom she’s still involved with and who was at the party with her, also had a lot to say about the fight. Like Asifa, he said that the altercation was heavily edited.

Bobby said that the fight was much more intense than what viewers saw and actually went on for over an hour.

Perhaps alluding to Asifa’s claim that GG “ridiculed” and “racially berated” her for months prior to the yacht party, Bobby said that there was a lot more to the back story that led to the fight between Asifa and GG.

Bobby also expressed regret that Asifa and GG are no longer friends.

Asifa joined Shahs of Sunset on season 4 as a starring cast member. On the current season, she’s a “friend of the Shahs.” Why is that? According to Bobby, Asifa’s demotion has to do with her cake fight with Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi.

Did Asifa get demoted because she complained about GG’s behavior? Bobby tweeted that Asifa made the mistake of complaining.

In response to one viewer who asked what people missed, Bobby replied that they missed what led to Asifa no longer being a starring cast member.

Asifa’s friendship with GG has been strained for some time. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Asifa said in May 2015 that she doesn’t entirely trust GG around Bobby and that GG may be regretting bringing her on the show.

As the latest episode aired, GG posted a Periscope video of herself watching the episode at a viewing party. She signed off when her fight with Asifa was about to begin. GG admitted that she hit Asifa really hard on her head.

“I’m about to hit somebody really hard on the back of the head.”

On the Shahs of Sunsetseason 5 premiere episode, new starring cast member Shervin Roohparvar hosted a birthday party on a yacht. After the birthday cake was brought out, Reza Farahan playfully threw some of the cake around. Asifa, however, was not amused that her $3,000 dress got some cake on it. As Asifa was complaining, Mercedes “MJ” Javid thew some more cake at her. When Asifa accused Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi of throwing cake at her, GG denied it. A little later, Asifa smeared some cake on GG’s shoulder as she walked past, which led to GG hitting her on the back of the head. Before things got even more heated, Bobby Panahi led Asifa to a room downstairs, away from GG.

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