Madonna Reunites With Son, Rocco, As Fans Speculate New Music Is Coming

Sunday must have been a very emotional day for Madonna as she finally reunited with her son, Rocco, after a custody battle had torn them apart for several months. TMZ has the news.

“Madonna seems to have struck some sort of custody deal with Guy Ritchie, because he dropped their son Rocco off to visit her at her home in London. Madonna flew to England a few days ago, looking all business, and now it appears she and Guy followed judge’s orders and came up with some sort of visitation arrangement.”

The article notes that a judge told the parents to wise up and do what’s best for their kid. Although it’s not known if a deal has actually been reached, things are looking up for Madonna, who seems to have experienced several months of misery after Rocco Richie left her tour to be with his father.

Madonna Rocco Richie
Nobody knows the true reasons Madonna had a falling out with her son, Rocco Richie. [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
There has been a lot of speculation as to why Rocco Richie left his mother, but nobody really knows the truth. Some speculated that Rocco was embarrassed about pictures his mother posted on Instagram with him, but those photos all appeared on Rocco’s Instagram as well before he deleted his account and made a private one.

One particular nasty accusation against Madonna was that she was making fun of her son’s penis size in a picture where Rocco is doing a backflip in boxers. However, as Gossip Cop noted when it was posted last May, Madonna took down the original picture, in which commenters were commenting on Rocco’s “sausage.” She (or Rocco) replaced the original so people wouldn’t make comments — hence why the new picture read “Rocco’s preferred profile, no sausage.”

There were also reports that the rift was caused by Madonna taking away Rocco’s cell phone. The Mirror reported on this in early January.

“Madonna’s son Rocco called off touring with his superstar mum after she took away his mobile. Madge thought that his phone was interfering with the 15-year-old’s homework. But Rocco was not impressed and abandoned her Rebel Heart tour to go to stay with dad Guy Ritchie in London.”

The article added that an alleged source claimed that Madonna is quite firm with Rocco, despite her public persona. Apparently, Madonna’s ex, Guy Richie, is a lot more laid back. Perhaps Madonna was far more upset than Guy when Rocco was pictured smoking a suspicious looking cigarette in January.

Madonna just finished her Rebel Heart Tour. As the Inquisitr reported a couple weeks back, the tour not only grossed $170 million dollars, but brought her lifetime concert grosses up to $1.31 billion, which is the highest out of any artist in music history.

While some in the general public have hoped Madonna would retire, fans hope she keeps putting out new music and giving incredible concerts. A recent Instagram post gave Madonna fans hope that she was working on new music.

There were some pictures on fan sites that showed Madonna walking around with a guitar recently. Perhaps she is writing new music, but the Instagram photo and caption appears to be about getting back together with her son Rocco. Many of Madonna’s fans are patient and understand she needs to work on getting her family back on good terms before she records new music. What would you like to see Madonna do next? Let us know in the comments section.

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