Mike Shouhed Admits He Cried Watching Him And Jessica Parido On ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Premiere

Mike Shouhed has admitted that he cried while watching the Shahs of Sunset season 5 premiere episode that showed him and Jessica Parido during happier times. On Saturday, a day prior to the airing of the premiere episode, Mike posted a message on his Facebook page in which he called the episode “super emotional” and one that will give people lots to talk about. He wrote that he shed a couple of tears watching it. Attached to the message was a photo of himself with large sunglasses on while in the car.

“Tomorrow Night; Super emotional episode, I shed a couple tears watching it (Yes, we get to preview it before the world sees it). You all will have a lot to talk about after you watch.”

Jessica, meanwhile, posted a message to her Instagram page that indicates that she’s remaining optimistic.

Sunday night’s premiere episode showed Mike and Jessica when they were still together. They and the other cast members attended Shervin Roohparvar’s birthday party on a yacht. During the party, Jessica and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi had a one-on-one sit down to talk about what happened between them last season.

Last season, in front of everyone during a party, GG accused Mike of trying to have sex with her while the group were in Turkey. Jessica was visibly stunned by GG’s accusation. As she angrily left the party, with Mike trailing behind her, she yelled at him for having such bad friends.

During their conversation, Jessica told GG how much she was hurt by her. GG, with her voice breaking and looking as if she was about to cry, said that she had “zero” control over herself that day. Jessica became emotional as she talked about how everyone started regarding her as the bad person for still being with Mike. Jessica also maintained that whatever GG said doesn’t matter to her.

“We’re f**king married now. Whatever you said happened, has no relevance to my life. We’re married.”

Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido got married in March, 2015. In November, 2015, Jessica announced that she was divorcing Mike. In a statement to In Touch Weekly, Jessica said that she found texts between Mike and various women he cheated on her with. Her divorce petition states that they separated in August, 2015.

Three weeks ago, Jessica did an interview with Nik Richie for his podcast radio show. Jessica addressed claims that she was with Mike only for fame and money. Jessica, who first appeared on the show during the second season, clarified that she began a relationship with Mike before the show’s first season even aired.

“Before the show was even out—before the first season even aired—I had just moved to LA, and I was out one night to dinner and he just happened to be there and literally since that day we’ve been together, and that was five years ago, so literally for the past five years its been a roller coaster and I was there from day one.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mike’s co-stars, Reza Farahan and Asa Soltan Rahmati, said in April of 2015 that Jessica is only with Mike for the fame and that she would leave him if he ever left the show.

During her podcast interview, Jessica also revealed that she never got paid for her appearances on the show alongside Mike.

“I never received one penny from Bravo. Not one penny, and so, I was basically along for the ride with my boyfriend of the time, because I loved him, and he was part of the show obviously, he was a cast member—so I just happened to be in love with a man who was on a reality TV show, and that’s how this whole thing unfolded.”

Jessica went on to say that Shahs of Sunset contributed to the demise of their relationship.

“But I was with him for the past five years and I would tell him… the show is going to be the end of us. Because it brings people into your life, and they give opinions and they don’t know anything about you.”

When asked if she thinks Mike chose the show over her, Jessica said that she thinks that’s true.

“I guess you can say that.”

Despite the cheating and the end of their marriage, Jessica said that she knows that Mike really did love her. She also admitted that she still loves him.

“Like every single thing was genuine, at least on my part, and I know Mike truly loved me too…Of course I love him, and I always will love him. Always.”

The cheating revelation and ensuing marital drama between Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido will play out on season 5 of Shahs of Sunset. Co-star Reza Farahan said in a promotional clip that viewers will see all of the craziness.

“Mike and Jessica. Oh my God. I know you’ve heard stuff, you’ve read stuff on the Internet but you have no idea what goes down. The tears, the heartbreak, the nights of passion, it’s so intense. I don’t even know how to wrap my head around it…My boy Mike goes insane…It’s crazy!”

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