‘Justice League’ To Be A ‘Crowd-Pleaser’, Warner Brothers Mindful Of ‘Overarching Story Concerns’

The Justice League movies, due out in 2017 and 2019, are a two-part superhero team-up to be directed by Zack Snyder. It looks like there may be concern regarding the DC Extended Cinematic Universe (DCEU) on the part of Warner Brothers, and with the abysmal box office drop from opening weekend to the next, it would make sense there would be a cause for concern, according to Design and Trend.

It appears that Snyder’s works are found comparable to Marvel Studios’ Avengers franchise of obtaining the goal of being “kinetic and visual.” He’s already known for his stunning visuals, and Warner Brothers is touting that the Justice League movies are to be a “crowd-pleaser” as opposed to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The term “crowd-pleaser” seems appropriate considering Snyder’s recent superhero flick starring the DC Trinity had a very divisive set of opinions among critics and fans. Some were probably delighted to see the hints of superheroes within the film, setting it all up for the Justice League movies, so hopefully that part of Batman v. Superman was crowd pleasing during that section of the film.

Design and Trend did cite Variety as follows:

Variety’s source also say that Warner Bros. executives will pay more attention to things like character arcs and ‘overarching story concerns’ than they did when supervising Dawn of Justice.”

The source, according to Cinema Blend, looks to be production exec Jon Berg and Jeff Bewkes, the Time-Warner CEO.

The first Justice League movie, which is to star the cast of the already spotted Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher, is said too have a core of superheros that won’t go the way of establishing its characters in the same fashion as Marvel Studios, but yet director Zack Snyder was given some creative control in the project. At Marvel Studios, producers were given mostly that control, with executive producer Kevin Feige having the final say so when it comes to the overarching movie story line.

So there is no real “go-to” guy to make things final when it comes to DC and Warner Brothers and according to Cinema Blend, Geoff Johns is said to be quite busy with other projects to head it all off. The studio though, will monitor things more closely to ensure cohesion in the DC Cinematic Universe.

The thing is though, Warner Brothers needs to act expediently and with precision for the movies.

With Justice League plans moving forward along with the rest of the shared universe, wouldn’t you think this is an attempt to rush things in order to catch up to Marvel Studios? If Warner Brothers is attempting to make a mad dash to keep in line with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, would this further dismantle things?

It could be possible because according to Cinema Blend, Warner Brothers’ model seems to be a modified version of Marvel Studios’ “tried and true method.”

“This is actually a fairly exciting revelation, because it seems that Warner Bros. has decided to adopt a somewhat modified version of the tried-and-true method that Marvel Studios uses for its movies.”

Now, with Justice League and its plans, along with the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe, is it possible that Warner Brothers will see strides and have continued weekend-to-weekend box office successes?

Zack Snyder does have a knack for creative visuals, but will the overall outcome with Warner Brothers’ plans keep the shared universe in a cohesive nature?

The Justice League Part One and Part Two movies are scheduled to be released in 2017 and 2019. Both are to be helmed by Zack Snyder. There are also two untitled DC projects that have gotten release dates as well.

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