WWE News: Former TNA Star Bobby Roode Has Not Signed An Official Contract With WWE Yet

Former TNA World Champion Bobby Roode has made quite an impression on the world of pro-wrestling for years. Once he decided to leave TNA Wrestling, most felt that he would thrive somewhere else. The first thought among fans was that he needed to go to WWE NXT, which could hopefully give him the career he deserved to have years ago. It appeared to be that he was set to do just that.

PWInsider reported recently that Roode had signed a deal with WWE about a week before the NXT Takeover special in Dallas last week. However, it turns out that this was false and Roode had not signed a deal with WWE at the time. According to Roode himself during an interview with The Examiner….

“I’m not officially signed yet. The Internet has blown up over it, and I mean I’m close, but I don’t want to spoil anything or ruin anything. I want to wait until it’s official. I don’t want to jinx anything either.”

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It does appear Roode is going to sign with WWE, so we can surely expect him to be with the company sooner rather than later. A lot was said due to how much went on during WrestleMania weekend. Roode was reportedly backstage at WrestleMania and introduced himself to several people there, basically as if he was going to start work soon and wanted to meet his new co-workers. It was nice to see from Bobby, who has always been considered a professional in his career.

Normally, when a talent appears on camera for WWE, they are usually going to be signed or have already done so. This happened with Asuka back in Brooklyn for example, when she appeared on camera during that Takeover special. It was reported that she signed a deal around that time. All of this being said, both Bobby Roode and Kota Ibushi will certainly do something with WWE soon. Ibushi is set to be part of the Global Cruiserweight Tournament this summer while Roode will be signing a full deal.

WWE will want to sign Ibushi to a deal too, but it uncertain if they will do so at this point.

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As for Bobby Roode, it is thought that he was at NXT Takeover specifically to talk about working with WWE and was sent to appear on camera later into the show. It is said that he was not in the crowd until the time he was going to be used and after, he left the area he was in. Meanwhile Ibushi had been seated in his spot for a bit.

Roode was spotted on a bus with NXT talent, which apparently was taking them to the airport this past Monday. It seems very obvious that with all the palling around with the talent, speaking with everyone, and being at NXT Takeover, he is going to sign with WWE before too long. It is really all about getting the right pay for him and his family. If he feels the contract is good enough, he’ll take it. Meanwhile, he could always decline.

Most would assume he and WWE came to some sort of possible agreement during WrestleMania week, otherwise he would not have been shown on camera. WWE does not want to have another James Storm situation where a talent is basically on a per date deal only to decline a contract. It is expected that Bobby Roode will appear during the next round of WWE NXT tapings, when his official debut date will be is yet to be determined. One thing is for sure however, and that is Bobby Roode is WWE bound.

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