Kirstie Alley Ticks Off Twitter By Endorsing Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump, Claims He Is The Best Candidate Running–Slammed Liberals

Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, received the endorsement that he had been waiting for. Actress and comedian Kirstie Alley revealed that she fully supports Trump in his quest to become the next American president. Alley’s fans were shocked by her declaration and challenged her beliefs. Twitter erupted, and it became a blood bath as Kirstie defended her right to support Donald and slam those who oppose him.

The Cheers star tweeted her support of Donald and stated that it takes balls to stand up when so many are against him. She believes even though his values aren’t aligned with many American beliefs that he is still the best man (or person) for the job as being the next president.

Kirstie explained her stance in a series of Twitter exchanges that had most of the social media glued to their electronic devices. She noted that she doesn’t believe that the Democrats (or liberals as she referred to them as) has the country’s best interests in mind, and she couldn’t stand with either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

In a typical cyber-bullying fashion, Kirstie Alley proceeded to make fun of her followers when they didn’t agree with her. One of the fans asked her if Trump was paying her for the endorsement, and she reacted by pointing out the spelling errors in the tweet. And, what’s worse, Alley did the same to almost every person who disagreed with her. Instead of debating the issue, she either called them ill-informed or picked on their spelling abilities.

One of the followers pointed out that everything you say has a consequence. They meant that you cannot go around picking on your followers spelling errors, calling them stupid, and implying you are better than them, and not expect to see some type of consequence. Of course, Alley didn’t understand the point and thought it was in support of her Trump cause; she stated that she agreed.

After Kirstie had figured that the majority of her followers were pretty upset with her choice of candidate to endorse, she said that instead of ridiculing others for their political views, we should respect others opinions. Say what? Let’s back up–Alley just poked fun at those who disagreed with her and only respected those who agreed with everything she stated.

One of the replies said it best when they said that Kirstie is a spoiled (taking some of the curse words out) brat that is so used to others saying yes to her often, that she isn’t able to handle when others disagree with her. It seems if she wanted those people to agree with her, she picked the wrong candidate because Donald Trump has been under fire since he first announced his plans to run for president.

Tell us what you think about Kirstie Alley’s comments about Donald Trump and her borderline cyber-bullying attack on her followers in the comments section below.

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