Rory Feek’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Starts School Despite Joey Feek’s Desire That She Be Homeschooled: ‘She Needs More Stimulation’

Rory Feek has shared a mournful photo of his late wife Joey Feek’s grave, according to Today. The country singer, who’s part of Joey+Rory, country and bluegrass duo, shared the heart-wrenching picture via the Joey+Rory Facebook page last Saturday.

The touching photo of Joey’s grave, who died of terminal cancer at age 40 in March of this year, came just one day ahead of a heart-wrenching tribute to Rory Feek’s late wife at the American Country Music Awards.

The photo features bright rays beaming down from the sky above Joey’s grave. The photo was taken by Rory Feek at their Indiana farm. The country singer also attached to the photo lyrics from their song “When I’m Gone.”

“A bright sunrise will contradict the heavy fog that weighs you down.”

Joey left behind not only her husband Rory Feek but also their two-year-old daughter, Indiana. Before Joey’s death, the Joey+Rory duo had been keeping their fans posted about Joey’s fight against terminal cancer via the blog titled This Life I Live.

Later the same day, Rory Feek also shared photos of their daughter Indiana who was photographed enjoying breakfast as well as a parade close to their home. Followers of the Joey+Rory Facebook page have voiced their support for Rory and Indiana, mourning the death of Joey.

Last Sunday, an emotional tribute was paid to Joey at the Academy of Country Music Awards. And even though Rory Feek and his late wife, Joey, were nominated at this year’s music awards ceremony, the widower opted to stay home instead of attending it, according to the Daily Mail.

During the tribute to Joey, Martina McBride and Darius Rucker honored the singer before presenting the best vocal group award, saying that the country music community lost a member of the family a few weeks ago.

And as Joey+Rory’s hit song “Cheater, Cheater” played in the background, Rucker and McBride asked the audience to give the late country singer one last round of applause. But despite the fact that Joey died last month, Rory Feek and his late wife lost this year’s award for Vocal Duo of the Year.

The duo won the New Vocal Duo of the Year in 2009 and had been nominated at the Academy of Country Music Awards five times over the years of Joey+Rory’s existence.

In his blog, Rory Feek shared that their daughter, who has Down syndrome, seems to not have noticed that her mom was gone.

“Indy has not asked for her mama. Not one single time since Joey’s been gone. It’s almost as if she hasn’t noticed that she’s not here. And that is so sad… and oh, so wonderful — all at the same time.”

Rory Feek also kept the followers updated about Indy’s life, saying the toddler has already started attending a preschool program close to the home they live in. The program was designed for children with special needs at High Hopes.

Rory Feek also revealed that Indy is “loving every minute” of her preschool education after just a few days of attending it. Moreover, the 2-year-old has also started physical therapy classes with an aim to learn to walk, as well as speech therapy.

According to Rory Feek, Joey had wanted Indy to be homeschooled, but she gave up the idea after she found out she had terminal cancer. And although it’s hard for Rory to be away from Indy, he knows that it’s “a wonderful opportunity for her.”

“And after her living with me in one small bedroom of a house for the last 5 months and not having much to do, she is ready for more stimulation and learning, and her new preschool is truly a blessing from heaven.”

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

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