‘Stranger In The House’: Lifetime Sunday Night Movie Reminds Of True Story Of Hamilton Somerville Case

Stranger In The House— Lifetime’s newest flick — is a movie that you don’t want to miss this Sunday night. It is written by Roslyn Muir and directed by Allan Harmon. Cast members for Stranger In The House includes Emmanuelle Vaugier as Jade, Matthew MacCaull as Marco, Jordana Largy as Samantha, John Novak as Wayne, Karen Holness as Chantal, Dan Payne as Luke, Gina Stockdale as Mrs. Kowles, Anthony Harrison as Vance, Michael Kopsa as Finch, Jessica Harmon as Dr. Harding, Susan Wilkey as Sally, Erika McKitrick as Lacey, Conan Graham as Det. Meade, and Gig Morton as Thomas, as listed at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).


Stranger In The House On Lifetime — Here’s The Synopsis

When financial mogul Wayne Griegson is involved in a terrible accident, his wife dies, leaving him as a widower who needs constant care. His daughter, Jade, does everything possible to look after her father, but the truth is, he needs around the clock care that Jade is no longer able to provide. With her upcoming wedding, her fiancée convinces her to take some time off for their beautiful honeymoon and hire a full time caretaker. Though Jade is apprehensive at first, she sees the need to rest up a bit, so hiring someone seems like a perfect choice.

Jade is impressed upon meeting Samantha, a matronly woman who seems very capable of cooking and seeing after her ailing father’s needs. With no need to worry, Jade goes off on her honeymoon. But after returning home, everything has changed. The matronly woman that she hired is now a sultry and glamorous woman who seems more like her father’s sexy lover than his caretaker. But, it’s worse than Jade first imagined. The caretaker is now his wife.


Feeling like she needs to protect her father, Jade starts doing some investigating. But, when her father ends up dead, and she learns that right before he died, he made Samantha an heir to the entire estate — Jade will stop at nothing to protect her inheritance and her family legacy. Surprisingly, as she digs further, Jade finds out that her husband has some secrets of his own.

Any True Stories Like This One?

Though the plot is somewhat original, it sounds a lot like the case of Donna Somerville and Hamilton A. Somerville. Hamilton Somerville was a wealthy Virginia widow who hired Donna to take care of his sick wife. His wife later died, and Donna married Hamilton almost a year later — leaving his daughters infuriated. In an eerie twist, he also died, and family members suspected that Donna had killed him, which was never proven.


If that wasn’t bad enough, after Hamilton’s death, Donna Somerville took possession of the ranch home and kept his daughters away. According to the Virginian Pilot, the daughters have not been allowed inside for almost a decade. In 2010, they won a judgment to take back possession of their childhood home. The Lifetime movie Widow On The Hill was based on the case.

For those of you who like Stranger In The House-type stories, tune in to Investigation Discovery’s weekly crime series, A Stranger In My Home, which features case after case involving a landlord or homeowner who was murdered by their tenants and caretakers.

Lifetime’s Stranger In The House is also known as Una Extraña En Mi Vida, and was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The 2016 thriller is produced by Really Real Films and Two 4 The Money Media, with Kim Arnott, Allan Harmon, Cynde Harmon, Stephanie Slack, and Fernando Szew as executive producers. Stranger In The House airs tonight at 7 p.m. on Lifetime.


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