‘Nightmare’ ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant Mischa Barton Had A Meltdown Backstage After Elimination

Mischa Barton’s run on Dancing With the Stars did not last long. After struggling through the first two weeks of the dancing competition, Barton was officially booted off the show at the end of the third episode. While the actress had her shared of problems away from the cameras, Barton went through a meltdown backstage following her elimination.

An inside source revealed to Radar Online that Barton did not react well to her elimination. Not only did she act rude to her fellow co-stars after the show, but she also failed to congratulate those who had scored well and were moving on.

“Mischa was the only one to not congratulate Nyle on his fantastic dance performance,” the source explained. “She acted so rude after the show ended last night. Mischa did not even seem to want to say goodbye to anyone. There were hardly any hugs or farewells.”

Barton’s attitude following her departure is not all that surprising. In fact, Radar Online previously reported that the O.C. star was having difficulties fitting in with her co-stars during the first two weeks. Apparently, Barton’s problems stem from how she acted towards the other contestants on the show, which included being rude to cast and crew alike.

Mischa Barton starred as Marissa Cooper on The O.C. [Image via Fox]
Mischa Barton starred as Marissa Cooper on The O.C. [Image via Fox]
“Mischa is just not coming off as a nice person,” a source told the outlet. “Some people are claiming that Mischa is the most self-entitled and rude celebrity that the employees of the show have ever had to work with! She does not discriminate who she is rude to either.”

Following Geraldo Rivera’s elimination, the insider revealed that Barton did not wish him well before he left. Not only was this hurtful to Rivera, but it also distanced Barton even more from her co-stars, who viewed her actions as an indication that Barton did not want to be on the show.

At the same time, the Daily Mail is reporting e Barton barely escaped elimination the first couple of weeks on Dancing With the Stars. While Barton failed to score more than a six with the judges, an insider revealed that she did not come to the show as fully prepared as she should have been.

“[Barton] didn’t really have any sort of deep desire to learn to dance, and she hadn’t really watched the show before she was cast,” the source explained.

That being said, a close friend explained that some of Barton’s antics were simply misreads by the co-stars, and that Barton is really just a quiet type of person. For her part, Barton made several excuses for her poor performance on the dance floor, including citing an illness and difficulty hearing the music.

'Dancing With The Stars' Mischa Barton A 'Nightmare' On Set, Former 'O.C.' Star Not 'Coming Off As A Nice Person' [Image via ABC]
Mischa Barton [Image via ABC]
In the first week, Barton took to the floor with Artem Chigvintsev and the two tangoed to In The Night by The Weeknd. That performance was heavily criticized by most of the judges on the show, as was her cha-cha-cha the following week.

Despite the bad routines, Barton told Us Magazine that she thought she would get results from the judges in the weeks to come. Unfortunately for Mischa, things did not exactly pan out the way she expected.

“I think we’ll probably get back to a better place now,” Barton said after week two. “I just feel like this whole week just psyched me out, and maybe now it’s time to just attack it with positivity.”

Despite only lasting for three weeks, ABC will still have to pay Barton for her appearance on the show. Considering her terrible interactions with the other contestants, there is little doubt that Mischa will not be invited back anytime soon.

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[Image via ABC]

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