‘General Hospital’ Speculations: Troubled Waters For Nina And Franco, Will This Couple Survive?

Devoted soap fans always seem to have a favorite couple that they love to root for to make it for the long haul. While most of them eventually break up and move on to someone else, there are a few couples who actually stay together for a while. One particular duo on General Hospital that has been a fan-favorite is Nina and Franco. They have become a well-loved couple among many viewers, but now it looks like there is trouble in paradise.

Nina Clay has turned her life around after snatching other people’s babies and then spending some time at a mental facility. Franco became a friend to her, and they ended up falling in love on General Hospital. She is now the editor of Crimson Magazine, and has a great relationship with her man, but there seems to be one thing missing from her life, and that is babies.

Michelle Stafford actress on General Hospital
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After losing her child while she was in a coma many years ago, Nina now has babies on the brain and she is not letting up on the idea. It’s too bad that Franco isn’t on board with the whole “being a father” concept. He has been adamant about not wanting to pass his bad DNA onto his child, but Nina has her heart set on being a mother.

Nina was told by Britt Westbourne that she was infertile. However, she decided to get tested again by Dr. Lee at the hospital, just to make sure her cousin was telling the truth. Franco thought that he had talked her out of it, but she went ahead anyway.

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Nina decided to start trying to make babies with Franco. After learning what she was up to, he firmly told her that he never, ever wants to have kids. She was upset, but not as upset as when she got the dreaded phone call from Dr. Lee confirming that she is, indeed, infertile, as reported by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

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Nina went off on Franco, telling him that he got what he wanted after all. She can’t conceive a child, and therefore doesn’t have to worry about passing his bad DNA onto their baby. Even if the test results came out differently, this couple is still at a crossroads as to what they want out of life. Franco is happy with the way things are, while Nina desperately wants a family, preferably with him. Adoption didn’t pan out because of her past shenanigans, so having a baby the old-fashioned way is her only option at this point.

Will this be the beginning of the end for Nina and Franco? There is a good chance that someone may have tampered with the test results and she could very well be able to conceive a baby. There are rumors that her Aunt Liesl, who is not too kosher on the idea of her getting pregnant, could have messed with it. So, if that is true, then maybe a baby is on the way for this favorite General Hospital couple.

Like Nina told a surprised Franco, “We could have just made a baby!” It could be that Nina and Franco are about to become parents after their latest romantic evening before she got the bad news.

There is also that rumor floating around that the child she thought had died while she was in the coma actually survived, and that Nina’s daughter could be Kiki Jerome, as TVOvermind has suggested. However, that has not panned out so far on General Hospital.

If by some small chance that Nina has become pregnant by Franco, what will his reaction be knowing that he is about to become a daddy?

Do you think that Nina and Franco will stay together through all of this baby drama?

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