WWE News: Update On Lucha Underground Star Prince Puma Possibly Signing With WWE This Summer

Lucha Underground has been known as a great world of cinematic greatness that happens to be a wrestling show. They basically give us a movie each show, with amazing stories that might break the art of kayfabe, but truly give us a show if nothing else. It is fun to see, and most all who watch it seem to love it. One man who has helped the company rise up in popularity is known as Prince Puma. Known primary by the name Ricochet in the independent circuit, Puma was someone that LU wanted to build around due to what he could do in the ring.

Fans took well to Prince Puma, and it was seemingly decided then and there that he would become the top man with LU. He would become the first Lucha Underground Heavyweight Champion and proceed to give us some of the best matches on the card. Sadly, there has been a lot of issues with LU — especially financially. Puma actually signed a long term deal to stay with LU, which meant that he was stuck with LU unless they went out of business.

The problem with this is that he could have better opportunities in other places. Luckily, he is able to get out of his contract after the conclusion of Season 3 tapings. According to the Wrestling Observer, Puma has been telling independent promoters that he is not taking any summer bookings after June, which is curious due to the fact that Season 3 of LU concludes at the end of May.

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There has not been an official announcement regarding Season 4 tapings for Lucha Underground, which means it would not make a lot of sense to not taking any bookings. Regardless, it looks like Puma is going to get out of his deal after Season 3 wraps. The problem for his potential WWE career is that his no-compete clause is quite extensive.

Apparently, he cannot sign with another televised American promotion until AFTER Season 3 concludes for LU. That means he could not officially sign with WWE until 2017 if the no-compete clause holds up. There is said to be a hope that he can get out of his no-compete or lessen the restrictions with it. Knowing WWE and their legal department, they’re probably more than capable of getting him the proper legal help to get out of his deal to sign with them.

Sources close to Prince Puma claim he does want to go to WWE, but obviously if his no-compete clause becomes a problem, he may have to stick with NJPW and the Indies until the issue is over. That might end up being better for him, as it could give him the opportunity to show what he can do as a full singles act. On top of this, the pay is probably going to be just as good if he has to sign a year deal to work with NJPW full time.

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While Prince Puma has been linked to WWE for some time, he is not the only LU star that WWE has attempted to go after. People like King Cuerno, Anjelico, Mil Muertes, Pentagon Jr., and even ring announcer Melissa Santos. While unlikely any of the others have the same sort of contract Prince Puma has, some have been linked to AAA Wrestling in Mexico. Many of the LU stars have worked there, or still do. That said, even if LU folds after Season 3, there is no guarantee a lot are going to be signed.

WWE wants to sign some stars to continue bringing up their Hispanic audience. Some stars like Puma could be essential due to what he can do in the ring, as well as his connection to both the black and Hispanic audiences, too. At the end of the day, WWE wants to bring in a lot of people, but Prince Puma is certainly at the top of the list. Some hope he’ll be able to compete in the Global Cruiserweight Tournament, but that looks to be doubtful based on timing alone.

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