Harry Styles Appears Too Busy With Music, Acting For Kendall Jenner Romance

Around April 8, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner seemed to be back to at least hanging out again, but does he have time for romance in his life with so many upcoming projects?

Metro writes on April 9 that Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles had a lunch together in Los Angeles. While it seems innocent enough to many, some speculated that it was a “sign” that things between Harry Styles and Kendall might not be over completely.

On the other hand, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner may have been hanging out because there are few other people in the world that understand the kinds of negative experiences that super-celebrities have to deal with such as shameful fan behavior.

For example, Harry Styles’ sister, Gemma, was recently quoted by Vanity Fair discussing distasteful things that Harry’s fans have done. In her opinion, one of the worst incidents was when someone asked Harry Styles to take a selfie with someone at his grandmother’s funeral.

Harry Styles might be friends with Kendall Jenner because they are both super-famous
Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner have experiences that only other celebrities might understand. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

Alternatively, Harry Styles might have been having a lunch to discuss with Kendall Jenner advice concerning a record label. UnReality TV recently pointed out that when Harry Styles goes solo, he will not be signed with One Direction’s Syco Records.

Whether he has chosen a record label or not, solo music material from Harry Styles is on the way, and he was reported to be at a recording studio with manager Jeffrey Azoff around April 8, according to SugarScape.

As far as the future of Harry Styles’ record label… will he consider signing to Louis Tomlinson’s label, 78 Productions? Unfortunately, since there is an ongoing joint venture with Sony and Syco, Simon Cowell’s recent statement may mean that Sony Music is no longer looking to sign on Harry Styles, according to insiders.

Billboard reported around August 25, 2015, that insiders close to Sony said the following about Harry Styles.

“Harry has always been One Direction’s most popular member and it’s obvious that we want to secure him — he’s a global superstar.”

As a reminder for Harry Styles fans, in November 2015, Billboard reported that Simon Cowell extended the Syco deal with Sony Records another six years.

So far, no supporting information has surfaced about why Harry Styles and Sony Records decided not to go through with a solo career contract for Harry.

In 2016, Harry Styles will likely surprise fans with his career moves.
Harry Styles will likely be full of unexpected surprises in 2016. (Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

Moreover, Harry Styles might not be interested in a deal with Sony because he is not going to take his solo music career as seriously as his acting career.

Recent reports imply that Harry Styles may start filming soon for a Warner Brothers movie. While it is now old news that Harry Styles will have a role in the 2017 movie, Dunkirk, according to Variety, it still has not been determined if Harry Styles will have a major or minor role.

April updates from sources such as The Wrap also do not seem to be able to clarify the script details for Harry Styles.

While Dunkirk has been confirmed as having a role that Harry Styles will play, Australia Network News has added a facet to his acting career possibilities.


If Harry Styles plays his cards right, he can now play himself in a new play about him called Harry. Celebs Now reports the play will start on April 11 in London and adds to this with the following somewhat dark description of Harry.

“Playwright and actress Caitlin McEwan has created the world’s first Harry based play which follows the friendship of two students obsessed with the One Direction sensation – but over time, the obsession that initially brings them together starts to have more damaging effects.”

According to J-14, a fan writing a play about him and the sordid lives of stalker-fans that cross boundaries is not the only strange way that Harry Styles has been honored lately.

For instance, Telegraph reports that there was an art exhibit in 2016 about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson’s alleged “Larry Stylinson” relationship. There is also a Harry Styles fan fiction book by Anna Todd called After that will be made into a movie, according to a late March report by Hollywire.


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