Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Friendship Being Tested Again

The enduring friendship between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez is being tested again. That’s barely a little more than two years after the so-called “Ultimate Celebrity Feud” between Swift and Justin Bieber has been laid to rest. Welcome to Hollywood, where upheavals are constant and where friendships are not supposed to survive the test of time. It is written in the stars.

It is even rarer for made-in-Hollywood friendships to have celebrity best friends not to go to war ever, no matter what. Yet this has been precisely the case between Selena Gomez and her BFF, Taylor Swift, even during the heyday of the raging 2013 “Ultimate Celebrity Feud.” Hollywood Life actually coined the infamous term for the battle between Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend’s BFF.

Once again, the same source is grabbing the headlines, creating a messy polarity between the Swift and Bieber camps in the battle to be in Gomez’ good graces. Not that Taylor Swift is trying. From her attitude, it clearly shows that she does not need to prove anything. It is also clear that her ever-loyal fans are on her side to argue that when it comes to having to choose between one’s ex and BFF, the latter must always win.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber had the ugly and protracted war of words back in November, 2013. It was the coming-back-boyfriend versus the BFF playing a tug of war over Selena Gomez. The way recent some Hollywood headlines are going, this celebrity eruption might suffer a comeback.

“The writing is on the wall,” to borrow a phrase from the theme song of the most recent James Bond movie. In the days leading to the “Ultimate Celebrity Feud,” there was a non-stop barrage of “she said, he said” in the media. And it looks like recent developments are beginning to approximate the said scenario in the past.

To illustrate further, the headline of a recent Inquisitr article reads “Taylor Gets Selena Gomez To Boycott Justin Bieber.” Nobody wants the repeat of an ugly past. Hopefully, some recollection of the “Ultimate Celebrity Feud” will serve as a cautionary tale. Fast-forward to the present time, Inquisitr reports that Selena’s BFF Swift has begun speaking out about Bieber to Selena after keeping her lips sealed for much of their four-year on-off romance, and is reportedly advising Gomez to steer clear of her former boyfriend.

Hollywood Life is first to say that “Taylor has been telling Selena that once she makes a commitment to shut the door on him completely, she will meet the true man of her dreams.” Whether or not these statements are true, the fact remains that Swift cannot stop from looking out for her BFF.

Taylor has always had Selena’s best interests in mind, having been solid best friends for many years. In fact, when the Justin-Taylor Wars raged in 2013, Gomez and Swift would remain committed to their friendship. Also, no matter how busy both are with their professional lives, there is never a day when the two are unable to exchange a lengthy conversation over the phone. Indeed, what Selena and Taylor share is a rare and enduring friendship in Hollywood.

By all means, this famous relationship must continue. For the sake of Selena Gomez being only 23 against Taylor’s 26, it is obvious that the former needs someone to look up to for advice and encouragement. At the same time, Gomez also needs to someone to honestly tell her the truth, even if it hurts, sometimes.

Besides herself, no one knows Selena Gomez as well as her BFF. Luckily, Taylor Swift is not in any kind of relationship turmoil.

In fact, she seems perfectly happy and content with her present beau, Calvin Harris. It has been Harris himself who tells the media that no matter how busy he and Swift are, they always manage to see each other on a daily basis. Definitely, this augurs well for a relationship that has withstood the test of time for more than a year now.

If anything, the success of the Swift-Harris relationship can encourage Selena Gomez that despite the failure of her on-again, off-again relationship, there’s still plenty of fish in the ocean. No one knows for sure whether or not Justin Bieber is really meant to reunite with her former girlfriend at some point in the future, not even Taylor Swift herself. But for the time being, Selena probably needs her break from the yo-yo syndrome.

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