Louis Tomlinson Tired Of ‘Babygate’ Speculations? ‘Respect The Baby,’ Brit Crooner Says

Louis Tomlinson typically doesn’t mind the bad publicity he’s getting from media outlets that opt to highlight his partying over his charity works, but if there’s one aspect of his life that he cannot remain silent, it’s Freddie. In a recent video shared by the Daily Mail, the doting father is seen placing his newborn’s car seat, with Freddie in it, into the back of his SUV.

Upon hearing Freddie’s cries, a photographer yells that it’s good to see that the baby’s real. An understandably upset Louis turns around and tells him, “Have a bit of respect for the baby.”

Ever since Briana Jungwirth’s pregnancy was publicized in July last year, speculations have emerged claiming that everything was staged. When Freddie was born, the conspiracy theories did not stop, despite the photos that were generously shared by both Tomlinson and Jungwirth families.

Briana recently expressed her frustration on a photo shared by MTV News‘ Instagram account questioning the baby’s authenticity.

“Sorry but that is cruel. I don’t usually speak out much, but I’d like to know how would you feel as a new proud mother reading something like this? How dare anyone call my child fake. That’s sick and morally wrong. Say all you’d like but I won’t let anyone take away the happiness I have for my baby son. I know won’t either.”

The photo comes with a #LarryIsReal hashtag. For years, a particular group of Directioners has been purporting that Louis is in a secret relationship with Harry Styles, hence the coined name “Larry Stylinson.” The extent of research done by Larries shows how determined they are to prove the crooners’ alleged romance despite their vehement denials. Liam Payne and Zayn Malik have likewise said that there’s no truth behind such theories, but Larry shippers continue to believe that Louis and Harry will soon come out.

Louis’ current girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, is not an exception to the wrath of some Larries. Just like the Doncaster-born singer’s former ladylove Eleanor Calder, Danielle is being labeled a “beard” – someone paid by the management to act as a girlfriend.

The “Louis Tomlinson babygate” controversy also makes it appear that Briana is another beard, and that in real life, she is allegedly a blogger named Rose Ellen.

The theories initially claimed that the baby in Louis’ photos is the son of Ann-Marie Samson, head of Syco’s PR, who gave birth to twins in November, 2015. The speculations then became more creative and suggested that Louis’ photos with Freddie are products of Photoshop, because his tattoos allegedly do not match up in some of the images.

Some fans claim that Louis is sometimes holding a baby doll in the photos, and to make the images look more natural, they are usually in black and white. There are those who claim that Louis’ photographs are not his, but Horacio Pancheri’s, an Argentine actor who shares a physical resemblance with the 1D member in some angles.

Louis can withstand doubts about his love life, but to hear that his firstborn is a cover up might be too much for the “No Control” singer to take. According to his grandfather, Len, the 24-year-old wants nothing but to be a great father to Freddie.

“He’s learning very quickly to be a dad. I mean, Louis wants to be a great dad and he is a great dad and will be a better dad. But it’s all a new learning curve for him. I see him changing Freddie and feeding Freddie, like we all do and all have done. But it’s a new phenomenon for Louis and he’s learning very quickly on his feet.”

He adds that One Direction’s extended break greatly helps Louis to focus on his new responsibility.

[Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images]

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