Jamie Foxx Animated Movie ‘Groove Tails’ May Have Timbaland As Executive Music Producer

Actor Jamie Foxx may have Timbaland stepping in to work on the music for his new animated movie, Groove Tails.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Timbaland is currently in the final stage of talks to serve as the executive music producer for the CG-animated feature film.

This would not be the first time that Timbaland has served as an executive music producer behind the scenes. Many fans and critics of the hit FOX series Empire know that the longtime producer is also in charge of the music production for that show as well.

Jamie Foxx will star in Groove Tails in the leading role of a mouse named Biggz that is forced to become a competitive street dancer to pay off his weighty cheese debt. Further reports claim that Biggz is working hard with hopes of cleaning up his streets and getting rid of a menacing group of alley cats.

Playing a mouse in Groove Tails will not be the first time that Jamie Foxx has provided the voice for a small animated creature with a lot of attitude and talent.

Foxx’s voice and impressive singing talent was used for the yellow canary named Nico in the 2011 Blue Sky Studios film Rio along with its follow-up sequel Rio 2 in 2013.

During an interview with BackstageOL to promote Rio 2 alongside co-star George Lopez, Jamie Foxx opened up about how he was able to find inspiration for transitioning his acting skills into the world of voice acting for the movie.

“It just comes from the music and it comes from being inspired by Carlos and being around these guys, you know and…just sort of let it be free. And it’s a trip when you do the voice and then you see how the voice matches up with the character and you get inspired by that little by little because they’ll show you little parts here and there and…you just do your thing.”

Deadline confirmed Jamie’s involvement with the film as its leading star and co-producer last October. Groove Tails is presently set to become the third animated feature film handled and produced by AMBI’s AIC Studios in Toronto within the last year alone – placing it next to Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad and East End.

Pharrell Williams, another popular music producer from Timbaland’s home state of Virginia, made major waves in the world of movies and music when he wrote original songs for the Despicable Me franchise, including the Oscar-nominated hit song, “Happy.” Perhaps Jamie Foxx and Timbaland will be to collaborate with the songs for Groove Tails and achieve a comparable level of success with their work.

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