Brandi Glanville Responds To Flak Over Wearing Anti-Sobriety T-Shirt While Out With Kim Richards

Brandi Glanville is defending her T-shirt line nearly six months after she was first spotted wearing a joke anti-sobriety T-shirt while she was out with sober pal Kim Richards.

When Glanville, Richards, and Yolanda Foster went on a picnic on the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi wore a T-shirt that said, “It’s Not Fun To Be Sober.” Realizing that the shirt wouldn’t be appropriate for Richards (who has had a very public struggle with alcohol abuse and had just gotten out of rehab at the time), Brandi gifted her Beverly Hills bestie with a tee that said “Medicated” instead. Kim laughed and asked if she could put an “un” in front of the word “medicated.”

Richards didn’t seem to have a problem with the shirts, and she even posted a pic of their picnic day on Instagram which showed Brandi Glanville wearing the controversial tank. But some viewers still slammed Brandi for being “insensitive” to Kim’s well-publicized struggles with sobriety.

Glanville promptly took to Twitter to set the record straight about the meaning behind her tongue-in-cheek tee. Brandi made it clear that she respects sobriety and has many sober friends, and that the shirt is actually a joke aimed at people who talk smack about her.

Glanville’s recent social media comments mirror what she said about the incident several months ago when the episode was filmed. After Brandi was spotted out and about in L.A. wearing the shirt, she posted a message to haters, explaining that Kim has a great sense of humor and that the shirt was part of her upcoming clothing line.

In addition to criticizing Brandi Glanville’s “Sober” T-shirt, some viewers thought that giving Kim a shirt that says “Medicated” on it was as bad as inviting her to a party that serves alcohol. In addition, during an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Kim’s sister Kyle Richards told host Andy Cohen she thought Brandi’s shirt was “insensitive.”

Glanville has said in past interviews that she stands by Richards and her sobriety. Us Weekly posted that Brandi feared Kim could fall off the wagon after the death of her ex-husband and best friend Monty Brinson earlier this year, but that so far Kim has stayed strong. On Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss’ Allegedly podcast, Brandi said Kim is doing really well and that she personally feels that if her friend wasn’t strong enough to be around people who drink, then she wouldn’t hang out with them.

“I feel like if you wanna be sober and you can’t handle being around someone who drinks, then don’t do it.”

Glanville even revealed that she still drinks around Richards and that she even drank at Monty Brinson’s wake.

“Maybe I shouldn’t drink around her, but I still do. I hope [Kim] will [stay sober], but she doesn’t even know if she will. She’s really at this point of saying ‘It’s day by day and I’m not going to make any promises to anyone else,’ and I think that is what she should’ve said the whole time.”

Indeed, Brandi Glanville is not one to sugarcoat things. The mom of two vowed that she will be there for Kim if her friend “falls off the wagon.”

Brandi Glanville has long poked fun at her own penchant for drinking, and fans are scooping up her T-shirts. Glanville is also a wine entrepreneur and frequently posts snaps of bottles of her Unfiltered Blonde Chardonnay on her social media accounts.

Take a look at the video below to see Brandi Glanville talking about her Real Housewives girlfriends Kim and Yolanda.

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