Anna Duggar Steps Out With Sisters-In-Law, Josh Duggar For Retail Therapy Amid Rumors She’s Pregnant Again [Video]

Amid rumors that she’s pregnant again, Anna Duggar stepped out with her sisters-in-law to go shopping. In the most recent episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Anna, Jessa, Jinger, Joy Anna, and Jana went to a thrift store looking for toys to adorn a tree house the Duggar family built for the younger children. Naturally, Anna and her family stopped in the clothing section.

Although the clip did not reveal if Anna was searching for maternity clothes, she did give Jana, Joy Anna, Jinger, and Jessa a secretive look as they browsed the clothing, as well as place her finger over her lips as if to tell them to keep quiet as they were filmed. Confirming that they “love to shop,” Anna and her sisters decided the clothes were “adorable,” and exclaimed that different pieces are “so you,” as they pulled clothes off the rack to examine whether they wanted to take the different shirts home.

The love of clothing all the Duggar women share is a family joke that they love to tease each other about. Jedidiah Duggar laughingly explained in an on-camera interview that “whenever they go shopping for, let’s say, food, they always end up in the clothing section,” and although they were supposed to shop for toys, Jedidiah confessed that “something else is going on over there!”

The rumor Anna is pregnant with her fifth child began after Anna shared that she visited Josh in rehab, followed by a photo the famous family shared on the Duggar Family Blog just a few months after. In the image, Anna wears a baggy shirt that appears to hide a baby bump and gives the camera a thumbs up as she and the rest of the kids eat tacos for dinner. Neither Anna nor her husband Josh Duggar has confirmed whether she’s pregnant.

In another episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Anna stepped out with Jessa and Jana Duggar to relax over a cup of coffee, and Anna felt comfortable enough to make light of Josh’s absence. In the clip, Jessa explains that she’s concerned about spending the brief time away from 6-week-old Spurgeon for the first time. Anna quips that she’s not so lucky; since Josh is at rehab, Duggar explains, he’s “not available to babysit today, so I’m bringing Meredith along!”

Anna was also spotted shopping for furniture at a local Springdale, Arkansas, furniture outlet with Josh Duggar, which also has fans wondering if they were shopping for baby furniture. Although it wasn’t clear what Anna Duggar and her husband were looking for, an eyewitness confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that I don’t think they were shopping for themselves.” While the insider did not say if Josh and Anna were looking for baby furniture, the Duggar family is close with several other families in their community, so it’s possible they were looking for furnishings as a gift.

Josh returned to his home state of Arkansas after being in rehab for six months. Although Anna clearly was devastated to learn that Josh cheated on her last year, according to eyewitnesses, the mother of four seemed comfortable with Josh as they shopped for furniture.

Although Jill & Jessa: Counting On has been a hit with fans, the series has been plagued by rumors that it will be cancelled after this season. After the first episode aired, sponsors began complaining to TLC about their ads running during the series. Although not every sponsor has control over when their ads air, the ones that do immediately informed TLC that they no longer support the Duggar family. Rumors of the show’s imminent demise immediately surfaced, although neither the Duggars nor the network has confirmed whether the series will be renewed.

What do you think? Is Anna Duggar pregnant again? Should Jill & Jessa: Counting On be cancelled? Leave a comment below!

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