‘Baby Daddy’ Season 5 Spoilers: Danny And Riley Break Up, Bonnie And Tucker Hook Up After Peru Episode?

The spring finale of Baby Daddy season 5 left fans of Riley (Chelsea Kane) and Dannny (Derek Theler) in a state of shock. Just when the two finally got together, the writers of the Freeform series decided to shake things up once again.

In an interview with TV Line, Baby Daddy series creator Dan Berendsen gave a few hints on what fans can expect come season 5B. He explained that the break up was necessary to see if Danny and Riley were really meant to be together, which he said they truly were.

“It’s the Baby Daddy version of Ross and Rachel being on a break. Like, whose side are you on in this? While Riley feels betrayed, this is something Danny did in high school when he and Riley were just friends. We’ll get some people saying, ‘He said he’s sorry, just move on,’ and then others will say, ‘I’d never trust him again.'”

Berendsen said that Baby Daddy season 5, episode 11 will pick up right where they left off before the spring finale, with Danny and Riley on a break. He hinted that it will start with “Riley putting Danny on trial for breaking her heart.”

The Baby Daddy showrunner also confirmed that something definitely happened between Danny and Sam (Daniella Monet) in the “Homecoming and Going” episode.

“There’s a little more to it, but I think you can sort of fill in what happened in the room. Danny definitely slept with her, it wasn’t misleading,” he explained.

When all this is said and done, Berendsen said that Danny and Riley will start to get serious about their future together. The Baby Daddy boss said that once the couple gets through the whole Sam situation, their relationship will be much stronger than before. Will the two finally get married?

Meanwhile, Baby Daddy season 5 viewers also saw quite a bit of sexual tension between Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) and Tucker (Tahj Morry) in the spring finale. While most were rooting for Bonnie and Brad (Peter Porte), some cannot help but wonder if Ben’s mom and his best friend will eventually hook up.

Dan Berendsen admitted that they actually had a discussion about the possibility of Bonnie and Tucker being a couple. He, however, said that it was nothing serious but they will be exploring their chemistry a bit more in the coming episodes.

“You’ll see in the summer run, there will be a full Bonnie/Tucker moment. … And you have to remember she has slept with his dad.”

Melissa Peterman’s Bonnie has always been a scene-stealer. Berendsen shared that if Baby Daddy gets renewed for season 6, they were hoping to show her side of the story a little bit more.

Fans of Daniella Monet’s Sam will also see more of her when Baby Daddy season 5B returns. When Ben found out that Zoey’s own baby daddy is back in the picture, he might come crawling back to Sam.

“We’ll see in the second half of the season if Ben and Sam might have a future together. I will say she’s probably not going to love that she’s his second choice, behind Zoey,” Berendsen explained.

While Freeform has yet to announce the return date of Baby Daddy season 5, Bustle speculated that fans will not have to wait that long before they see Danny, Riley, Ben, Bonnie, and Tucker again. If the network will reportedly follow a similar pattern to the last season’s airings, Baby Daddy season 5, episode 11 will most likely premiere by mid-June.

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