WWE News: Update On When Karl Anderson And Doc Gallows Are Set To Debut On The Main Roster

Former NJPW tag team Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were a huge addition to the WWE recently, as both signed up for a big deal that would have them go straight to the main roster. It was rumored that we would see them in WWE NXT first, but upon signing their respective deals, it was said both would be on the main roster instead. That left many to wonder when WWE would use the two of them, as both were such a big addition that having them sit out doing nothing would not make a lot of sense.

PWInsider reported that we would see them on WWE RAW after WrestleMania. As we saw this past Monday, that did not happen. Obviously, plans change, but this was unique to see. Both men were reportedly backstage at the RAW tapings. They even proved it with pictures of them there. According to Cageside Seats, they were at the WWE SmackDown taping in Houston this past Tuesday, again not used.

So, when will we see the former Bullet Club members join the main roster? Apparently, it’s all about timing. WWE has been teasing Finn Balor being paired with his two BC friends to form a new stable. The problem is that WWE has to debut all three on the main roster. On RAW this past week, it was tough to debut them as they debuted a number of new guys from NXT. Even some that were rumored for months like Bayley and Samoa Joe did not get the call-up.

That said, there is still a good shot we see a lot of talent debut this summer. The reason is because WWE has an easier time debuting new guys then. People like Kevin Owens and even The Wyatt Family debuted in the summer and it actually ended up working out better for them, rather than having them do it the night after.

Both Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows responded to those wondering where they are on Twitter….sort of. Finn Balor held up a sign at a recent WWE NXT event that asked, “Where’s Doc and Karl?” This was basically Finn asking what we’re all thinking without actually asking. Karl responded with a “hi Finn” using the Kliq/NWO hand signal, while Doc responded with “when the time is right my friend…2sweet.”

Clearly, both guys are highly anticipated and responses by fans like what we’re seeing now will surely force WWE to debut them sooner rather than later. While the summer makes a lot of sense for them, it doesn’t make a lot of sense at the end of the day. They’re not set for NXT right now, and if they are not used on the main roster, they’re just on the roster and not actually a part of it. That being said, we can possibly expect them within a month or so.

One theory among many fans is that WWE will forget about pairing them with Finn Balor and have them paired up with AJ Styles, who led Bullet Club in NJPW. The three have worked together for a long time, so putting them back together would make sense. Not a lot of kayfabe sense, but business sense at least. This would be nice, but it would not be good when they have been teasing the Balor pair up. That said, it seems obvious that Anderson and Gallows will work with Finn Balor and not AJ Styles.

If they did end up working with AJ, it may force him to work with Finn as well. At the end of the day, Anderson and Gallows are certainly not going to just be kept around, they will debut before too long. However, it is all about timing. As Doc said, we just have to wait until the time is right. Could the time be right the night after Payback or even on the show? That does seem to at least be possible.

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