Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Ryan Buell, 30, has revealed through his Facebook page that he’s been spending time in and out of hospital beds. The Paranormal State star has kept quiet about his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer since rumors began to spread in July of his condition.

However, now that he feels comfortable enough to speak out, Buell has decided to use his Facebook page as a center for hope and faith for those who are also dealing with their own illnesses. On his Facebook page, Buell writes:

“I know there are many of you suffering from illnesses, and not just cancer. I say to all of you: SOLDIER ON!” Buell wrote with a photo attached. “I know the pain that you will feel. And the pain for treatment. I still say SOLDIER ON! Let’s think of one another during those moments, even though we don’t know each other.”

Ryan, whose also the founder of the Paranormal Research Society and an author of a memoir, Paranormal State: My Journey Into The Unknown, is making good of his word by attending PRS reunions. Of the retreats he writes:

“I won’t lie, I have been in and out of the hospital all week, and sadly some of the PRS Retreat people didn’t get to have as much time with me as I had hoped,” Buell continued, “But to all those who went, you made it a magical event for me.”

When Ryan Buell isn’t monitoring his Facebook, people close to Ryan run the site for him. A member of the PRS team wrote on his page about the struggle that many have with cancer:

“You all also know that Ryan is the type of person that not only likes to keep things relatively private, but wants to make sure that others are taken care of first,” wrote a member of the PRS Staff on Buell’s official Facebook fan page. “Ryan has been honored and humbled by the support, but also wants to make sure that we all remember the struggle is not his alone.”

Ryan’s Facebook page, which has 82,000 likes at this point, is a spirit of optimism and honesty. Buell has even shared inspiring messages to his fans, posting a superhero picture of himself with a headline stating, “Cancer: Even the Greatest of Heroes Have to Take the Fight Within … Soldier On!”

Pancreatic cancer has claimed the lives of thousands every year. Most recently high profile deaths due to the cancer are Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze.

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