Prince Harry Secretly Dating Party-Loving American Student Juliette Labelle?

Prince Harry might have found himself a new romantic interest. Although their relationship has not been officially confirmed, Harry is rumored to have hooked up with an American named Juliette Labelle. Are the reports of a secret relationship true? And, perhaps more importantly, how will his family react to him dating a party-loving American girl?

According to International Business Times, Harry and Labelle have not known each other for very long. The two apparently met back in January in what was believed to be a short fling. However, a source revealed that Harry and Labelle enjoyed each other’s company so much that they have continued their romance in secret.

“[Juliette] might be much younger than he is, but Harry enjoys Juliette’s vivacious personality,” the insider explained, adding that Labelle’s travel experiences are “a major turn on,” with the two bonding “over places they’ve visited.”

At the same time, Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that Labelle is quite the party animal compared to other women in the Royal Family. In fact, Labelle’s Instagram account is filled with more risqué pictures than Kate Middleton would ever dream of taking, let alone sharing for the whole world to see. This includes photos where Labelle references her crotch as well as topless images that leave little to the imagination.

Juliette Labelle [Image via Instagram]
Juliette Labelle [Image via Instagram]
Although things might be heating up between Harry and Labelle, it will probably be a long time before they take their relationship to the next level. In an interview with ITV, Harry admitted that he has a few things he wants to do before he settles down for good.

“No, at the end of the day there are lots of things to be done before settling down,” Harry explained. “Everyone looks forward to settling down, but in the meantime, it’s work as usual.”

That being said, The Daily Beast is reporting that Labelle has denied all the reports that she is currently dating Harry. However, an insider told the outlet that Labelle is getting ready to travel to London for work, where she and Harry are expected to re-connect.

“Once in London, I’m sure Juliette will reach out to Harry so they can meet up,” the source stated.

Meanwhile, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding Labelle and her relationship with Harry. According to E! Online, not only did Labelle and Harry meet up over the New Year’s holiday, but Labelle is also an aspiring actress with some pretty influential friends.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama and HRH Prince Harry, having tea in Kensington Palace
Michelle Obama and Prince Harry [Photo by Amanda Lucidon/Getty Images]
“Prince Harry met Juliette through a friend. Over the New Year, Juliette went out with Harry,” a source told the outlet. “Juliette is an aspiring actress and hangs out with a lot of actors. She used to date Dakota Johnson’s ex, Jordan Masterson.”

Although rumors have abounded following their interactions in January, the source went on to state that Labelle and Harry are not in an official relationship. Instead, the two casually like each other and have kept in contact despite the distance between.

“The two aren’t anything official but do keep in touch,” the insider said.

As fans will recall, Harry was last connected with Cressida Bonas. The two dated for a number of years before deciding to call it quits back in 2014. Ever since then, Harry has been on the hunt for a new girlfriend and potential future wife. While Labelle certainly does not fit in the typical mold of a prince’s wife, it would not be surprising if their relationship took off in the coming months.

For her part, Labelle is doubtlessly enjoying the added attention, especially considering her work as an actress. After all, the level of attention Labelle has received in recent weeks is likely good exposure for her career.

Tell us! Do you think it would be hard for any girl to date Prince Harry? Let us know in the comments below.

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