Courtyard By Marriott Note: ‘If You’re Reading This Then Housekeeping Did Not Change Your Sheets!’

A note that was reportedly discovered at a Courtyard by Marriott is making the rounds on social media. As reported by the Daily Mail, the Courtyard by Marriott note was discovered when a person heard a crinkling sound on his or her hotel bed, and took off the fitted sheets to discover the note beneath the bed sheets that proclaimed its presence meant the sheets weren’t changed between hotel guest stays.

“If You’re Reading This Then Housekeeping Did Not Change Your Sheets!”

As seen in the following photo, the note was scrawled on a Courtyard by Marriott notepad, which read, “If you’re reading this then housekeeping did not change your sheets!” The thought of a hotel potentially not changing the bed’s sheets in between hotel guests is sending shockwaves of grossness throughout social media.

On Reddit, the post titled “Heard something crinkle when I settled in for the night…” leads to an Imgur image, which was submitted by an anonymous user and has gained 539 comments thus far. Some of those comments prove that people are going to be a lot more proactive about checking their hotel sheets going forward, or they will make sure to bring their own sheets. Certain individuals comment that they will place their own similar notes in hotel sheets when they stay at a hotel. Others joke about what the notes could contain, or other gross discoveries they’ve made during their own hotel stays.

“I’m definitely going to start putting these notes in my hotel beds when I check out.”

“Be sure to add, ‘And I mean, there is just semen everywhere. Everywhere.'”

“Found a used condom under the side of the bed once when I stayed in an extended stay hotel in Florida. Disgusting. Housekeeping there was a joke.”

“My husband found a pair of used underwear and a couple bottles of nips in the bed side table. They didn’t believe us.”

“Once, I found an used Bible at the bed table.”

“‘Ma’am, you’re just drunk and that is your underwear, stop calling us. Unless you need us to refill the mini bar.'”

The hand-written note on the Courtyard by Marriott notepad has prompted all sorts of speculation about the dirtiness of hotel sheets, especially after finding the words, “If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”

Because the person who posted the Courtyard by Marriott note deleted their profile, they could not be reached for additional comments. However, the note is definitely bringing up lots of notes and confessions from those who’ve stayed in hotels and have found their own dirty discoveries.

The secrets of hotel workers have been revealed via apps like Whisper, where various housekeepers admit how they save time when cleaning so many hotel rooms. Some of those shocking confessions prove that certain hotels only wash their blankets once per year, and sometimes the sheets don’t get changed between dozens of hotel guests.

“Sometimes I don’t strip the beds and put on new sheets, I just remake the bed and take off the hairs with a [lint] roller. Cuts my time in half on cleaning the rooms.”

“I’m a maid at a hotel and sometimes when I’m lazy I reuse the sheets on the bed and make them look nice. I always feel bad for the next people.”

While the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in San Francisco, California, is pictured in the photo above, the anonymous person who posted the note did not list the specific hotel where the note was discovered. However, the shocking note will likely prompt hotel guests to bring their own set of fitted and flat sheets, comforters and pillow cases to future hotel stays.

[AP Photo/Paul Sakuma]

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