WWE News: Update On WWE Brand Split Plans, Shane McMahon And The Authority To Run Different Shows?

If there is one thing you hear most fans talk about these days, it is the need for a brand split. Fans have wanted to see it come back for a while now, mainly due to the storyline being watered down a bit and overuse of talent. While many people think it would be the same problem with a split, at least we get to see new people in new positions on the card. A talent like Kalisto could become a World Champion on SmackDown, where now he would never get as much as World Title match itself.

All of this being said, there are still some fans who do not care for the split and hated it the entire time it was going on. There were flaws within it, but the least of these was use of talent. Fans got to see a lot of fresh faces on the card, which is what most want to see again. The question is, when will WWE bring it back?

According to Ringside News, there is a shot we see the brand split come back soon where Shane McMahon would “run” WWE RAW while The Authority does the same with WWE SmackDown. If you saw this past week, The Authority did not appear on RAW and who knows if they will this upcoming week. The idea is only in the preliminary stage, so do not expect to see this happen next week and going forward.

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Many do wonder about how this would go down storyline-wise, as Shane just lost his right to run RAW by losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It kind of makes the match with Taker worthless in the end, as Vince would give Shane the keys to run RAW anyway. Two shows being run by two different teams of people would be quite difficult to do with one roster at the end of the day as well.

The only way this happens is if we have a brand split as having one team of people running one show with one running another would be quite weird. It would mean that both would be chaos if you tried to use the same roster to work both shows with two different directions. You could easily have certain championships change hands and various teams split up all because one show wants to stick it to the other. Therefore, a split has to occur in order to solve all questions going into who runs each show.

It was rumored that we would get the brand split at some point this summer, and it looks to still be on track. This very well could be the next time we see Shane McMahon, because he is not expected for the next few weeks at least. On top of this, WWE loves to do big summer angles. This does appear to be the angle this year. The possible heel run of Roman Reigns could play into this as well, but that is up in the air depending on story direction.

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Business wise, the split makes sense for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon more than any other. Shane would of course run RAW, but Vince and his staff would really be doing the story writing and direction. He would simply be the face of what we see. Meanwhile Triple H and Stephanie have over a decade of experience working in creative, and Triple H has proven he knows what fans want with WWE NXT.

That said, it does appear that the move to SmackDown for them would sort of be a trial run for running the company. From what has been rumored, the two of them would run SmackDown in front of and behind the scenes. With its own titles and stars, SmackDown would be a show to itself and one that WWE still considers secondary. That said, Vince could give them the reins to run it their way. The two of them want to prove that they can run the business when Vince steps away. The only way to do that is to have an opportunity to actually run a show of their own. The split gives them a lot more than it takes away for sure.

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