Mila Kunis Parties Hard, Proves Why She And Ashton Are The Perfect Couple

Mila Kunis, some might say, appears to be one “bad mom.” In the most recent pics that have been released of the star and her fellow cast members of the film Bad Moms, Kunis is seen sitting at a bar next to co-stars Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn while looking a touch intoxicated and holding more drinks in hand.

The film also stars Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Munolo. It revolves mainly around Kunis’ character of Amy Mitchell, who puts her family first at the start. However, her needy husband, difficult children and pestering boss begin to take a toll. Coming Soon shares more on the plot of the upcoming film.

“When the alpha moms (Applegate, Mumolo, and Smith) at her kids’ school push her too far, Amy (Kunis) finally snaps. Good Amy becomes Bad Amy really fast and she doesn’t go it alone. Teaming up with two other misfit moms (Hahn and Bell), Mila’s character gets a jolt of freedom that shakes up her life and might even make her a better mom.”

The film is written and directed by Jon Lucas along with Scott Moore, who are the team who brought moviegoers The Hangover and 21 and Over. Bad Moms, starring Kunis, is bound to be hilarious. The flick is set to hit theaters this summer.

As for Mila’s real role as mom to her adorable little one-year-old, Wyatt, the star could not be more attentive and adoring. She and her hubby Ashton Kutcher have made a point of keeping their little one out of the media spotlight and are doing their best to raise her as “normally” as can be.

Although the couple recently took a bit of flack for sharing that they opt out of giving Wyatt any sugar in her diet, there has also been a flurry of supporters on the issue. Kuthcer visited Jimmy Kimmel last week and shared that for an Easter treat, he and Kunis did not give their daughter any chocolate or candy. Instead, they filled a plastic egg with raisins, which she loves.

Mila and Ashton have been a beloved couple since they first came together as a TV item on the hit show That 70’s Show. As a real-life couple, now married, the two have continued to entertain as an adorable duo. There have been a number of instances that Kunis and Kutcher have demonstrated just how perfect they are for one another. Movie Pilot reminds of an interview that Mila gave, prior to tying the knot with Ashton, that melted reader’s hearts.

“‘ We all get movie star crushes. I’m marrying mine.'” Mila Kunis uttered that swoon-worthy phrase to W Magazine back in 2014 and thus elevated her beyond adorable relationship with Ashton Kutcher to the top of everyone’s couple goals.”

Since making it known they are a couple, the two have made onlookers and fans admire them and their relationship even more by their sweet displays of affection. Mila and Ashton snuck a kiss at a Laker’s Game, got cozy on the sidelines of a football game and have posted selfies with their adorable little one via social media to keep the paparazzi in check. In the same interview with the publication, Kunis also relayed a fun fact about herself. Her first real kiss was with Ashton while on the hit sitcom they were both a part of.

“My first real kiss ever was with him on the show. And when That 70s Show had a prom, my date for the prom turned out to be my fiancé. We can honestly say that we went to prom together! Although I do think that in that episode I went home with someone else. We don’t talk about that part.”

It’s clear that sense of humor, mutual adoration and a loved little one is the tie that binds Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher so perfectly.

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