‘Hearts Of Spring:’ Love Blossoms In Hallmark TV Movie, Starring Lisa Whelchel, Michael Shanks

Hearts Of Spring is the latest heartwarming movie to air on the Hallmark Channel. Tonight kicks off Hallmark’s celebration of Spring with their new “Spring Fling” line-up of movies that will premiere each week for the next three weekends. The romantic comedy, which is directed by Marita Grabiak and written by Barbara Kymlicka, tells the story of a single mom and mommy blogger who is ready to jump back into the dating game to find love. Along the way she meets a pesky male commenter who leaves negative comments on her blog. Later, there’s trouble in paradise when the mommy blogger finds out that the commenter and her new love interest are one in the same.


The cast of Hearts Of Spring includes the following actors and actresses—Lisa Whelchel as Carly, Michael Shanks as Andy, Clancy Cauble as Sadie, Miranda Frigon as Ryder, Anna Galvin as Lauren, Ross Linton as Troy, Carrie Genzel as Tracy, Daniel Martin as Simon, Andy Thompson as Henry, Christopher Gauthier as Peter, Christian Convery as Conner, Kelly Konno as Karissa, and Cassandra Den Haan as 6-year old Sadie.

Hallmark Channel’s Hearts Of Spring–Movie Synopsis

Carly Ashby is a 40-ish single mom who tends to a local flower shop in town. On the side, she is also a mommy blogger with a successful blog on parenting. Ever since her husband walked out on them years ago, Carly has been the sole provider for her daughter, Sadie. Well, times have changed, and Sadie is now a blossoming young woman at the tender age of 17. As she prepares to leave the nest, Carly realizes that she needs something else to do and believes dating again is the perfect choice. It has been ages, but she is ready to experience new things and new men. Meanwhile, Carly is busy working inside the flower shop when a handsome pediatrician named Dr. Andy Sommers walks in looking for some flowers for his first date.

As they chat, Carly realizes that she and Andy have similar dating situations, as Andy reveals that his wife died, leaving him to raise his son, Troy, all alone. Troy is also getting ready to leave home, which is why Andy is trying his hand at dating once again. Though, Andy is seeing someone else, he can’t wait to go out with Carly.

In between dating, Carly still hasn’t forgotten about her blog, “Parenting From The Soul,” an advice blog for other single parents who are raising children. Her unique parenting style offends one of her male readers, who is also raising a child on his own. In fact, the male reader, known as ‘jugglingdad,’ is so disgusted by her parenting advice, that he lashes out with a series of negative comments on Carly’s blog, criticizing her way of parenting.

To get away from her blog, Carly accepts an invitation to visit the home of her new beau, Andy. While there, she discovers that Andy is actually ‘jugglingdad,’ the male poster who has been leaving mean comments on her blog. Will these two keep the love connection going? Or will they let their different parenting styles and a blog come between them?


Hearts Of Spring Cast Info, according to Hallmark Channel

Actress Lisa Whelchel

“At age 13, her first professional acting experience was as a Mouseketeer for Walt Disney’s New Mickey Mouse Club.”Whelchel is perhaps best known for her starring role as Blair Warner on NBC’s The Facts of Life for nine years. After taking 20 years away off from show business to raise her children, Lisa returned in 2013 with a role in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas.

Actor Michael Shanks

“After a decade-long stint as fan favorite ‘Dr. Daniel Jackson’ in the Sci-Fi Channel’s number-one hit show Stargate SG-1, Michael Shanks wasted no time testing the waters on the other side of the acting portal when the series wrapped in 2007. Since wrapping the record-breaking show, Shanks has been in high demand, starring on several hit shows, MOWs, and films”

Mommy Bloggers In The Real World

Yes, mommy bloggers are real, and the term has exploded in recent years, as moms all across America enjoy a massive following of readers who are interested in a range of topics, from sex to fashion to parenting and dating. In fact, many moms are making their living off of the information that they provide to their readers. Some have even taken their blogging topics to social media, which means even more followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hallmark’s movies always have a way of weaving current topics and trends into their movie content. Take some time out this evening and enjoy Hearts Of Spring on Hallmark tonight at 9/8 p.m. central.

Hallmark’s Hearts Of Spring is produced by Johnson Production Group and is executed produced by Timothy Johnson, David Golden, and Barbara Kymlicka, according to TV Tango. Months ago, Hallmark debuted a similar romance movie about a blogger called All Things Valentine.

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