‘Big Brother Canada’ 4, Week 7 Spoilers: Unpopular House Guest Wins HOH, 2 Major Players Nominated for Eviction

Week 7 of Big Brother Canada 4 is proving to be an exciting one so far, as the newest Head of Household (HOH) is a cast member that has been highly criticized by many of the house guests, depicted as one who may be playing the game questionably. Whatever the case may be, this week’s Big Brother Canada 4 HOH was not afraid to make a very big move and nominate two cast mates for eviction that have strong allegiances in the house.

On Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada 4, Mitch and Joel were up for eviction, having been nominated by week 6 HOH, Raul. The nominations lit a fire under Mitch, who elevated the house drama and made a valiant effort to stay in the game. During a rousing speech seen on the show, Mitch called the trio of Kelsey, Raul, and Jared, dubbed “Third Wheel,” a “cancer” that needed to be removed from the game, noting he was the “doctor” who could do the job if he was able to stick around.

This may have worked had Mitch not been sitting next to Joel on the chopping block, as Joel is beloved by most of the other house guests. Alas, Mitch’s entertaining and impressive efforts failed and he became the first member of the Big Brother Canada 4 jury.

According to Carter Matt, spoilers reveal that Maddy won the week 7 HOH competition. This is Maddy’s second go at HOH, as she snagged the designation during the double eviction that took place in week 4. Her unpopularity in the house is mainly due to her choice to cozy up to one male cast member during the first couple of weeks and then drop him like a hot potato, moving on to another just as quickly – all the while declaring she had a boyfriend on the outside.

Maddy first set her sights on Nick, who is participating in the game with his brother Philippe, both having to play as one house guest. Maddy could be seen on live feeds sharing a bed with Nick, cuddling with him, and presumably kissing him under the sheets. Shortly thereafter, she told Philippe she no longer wanted to hang out with Nick, and moved on to Ramsey, who was inexplicably receptive to her.

Nevertheless, Maddy has to be given some respect as a player for having the guts to take a stab at the powerful “Third Wheel” triad in the house, as she nominated two of its members, Kelsey and Jared, for eviction from the Big Brother Canada 4 house, according to Joker’s Updates.

Kelsey expected the nomination and is no stranger to the chopping block, as she was nominated for eviction twice before. The first was in week 1 by HOH Loveita, and the second in week 4 by HOH Joel. Kelsey was actually voted out of the house in week 4 along with Loveita in a double eviction, but a twist in the game sent both women to a secret suite instead of home. The two were able to spy on their fellow cast mates for a week, which was followed by house guests having to decide whether Kelsey or Loveita would return to the game. Somewhat due to Jared’s insistent prodding, it was determined Kelsey would reenter the Big Brother Canada 4 house, which meant Loveita’s chance at winning Big Brother Canada 4 vanished.

This is Jared’s first time being nominated for eviction, and if he or someone aligned with him does not win the Power of Veto (POV), “Third Wheel” will be dramatically weakened. Together, although they are quite unlikable, Kelsey, Raul, and Jared have proved to be strong players and have thus far made a major impact on the game.

If the POV is used on either Kelsey or Jared and one of them is saved from the block, it is unclear who Maddy would choose as a replacement nominee. On live feeds, Ramsey, Maddy’s current closest ally, has suggested the brothers, Nick and Philippe, should be targeted to go.

The unlucky Big Brother Canada 4 house guests who must suffer as Have Nots for week 7 were revealed by Joker’s Updates via live feed spoilers, and they include Kelsey, Nikki, and Raul.

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