Cookie Monster Siri Outtakes: The Blooper Reel You Never Knew You Needed To See

Cookie Monster made headlines last month with a hilarious commercial promoting Siri and the iPhone 6s.

However, an even more hilarious clip was filled with the footage that apparently did not make the cut.

Apple released “behind the scenes” footage on YouTube Thursday of Cookie Monster’s antics that were not shown in the actual commercial.

Several of the many hilarious moments from the “blooper reel” include Cookie Monster:

  • Being excited over Siri knowing his name
  • Repeating “How ’bout now?” when asking Siri if the cookies were ready
  • Trying to eat the cookie’s reflection in the oven door
  • Getting ready for bed after finally eating the cookies

Using Siri and the integrated timer in the cell phone, the official commercial showed the lovable Sesame Street character preparing to bake a fresh batch of cookies. In addition to timing his cooking project, Siri also came in handy when Cookie Monster requested a specific playlist for the special occasion.

Moments later, the Jim Croce hit song “Time in a Bottle” played in the background as Cookie Monster waited patiently for his cookies to finish. The only problem was, as most Sesame Street fans know, Cookie Monster is not very patient at all. On the extensive list of qualities and traits that Cookie Monster has built for himself over the years, you probably will not find the word “patience.”

However, that is exactly what made the Cookie Monster commercial so funny in the first place. Watching his impatience unravel within just the first minute of baking cookies became a major highlight of the commercial. It’s nearly impossible not to laugh when you see him banging his head on the table or even flicking the oven light on and off repeatedly as if time would speed up by doing so.

Quite a few people have responded and shared their reactions to the Cookie Monster Siri commercial on Twitter.

According to the Business Insider, Cookie Monster was used in this Apple iPhone 6s commercial to promote the phone’s hands-free Siri feature. While laughing at what he is doing throughout the clip, it’s also important to notice that he never has to actually touch or charge his phone in order to activate Siri. The report further stated that the latest model of the Apple smartphone is actually the first model capable of continuously listening out for users to say “Hey, Siri” without leaving it plugged up to a charger.

Cookie Monster is not the first “celebrity” to help Apple promote the new features of the iPhone 6s in a popular commercial.

A series of other commercials featured such actors as Jon Favreau, Jamie Foxx, and Bill Hader along with NBA star Stephen Curry. However, when it comes to getting laughs from a wide range of people of all ages, none of those actors come close to the lovable Cookie Monster.

[Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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