‘Gilmore Girl’s’ Sneak Peak: First Photos From The Set Released

Last year Gilmore Girls fans got the announcement they’ve been waiting years for. There will be a Gilmore Girls revival, and although there’s no release date yet, it’ll be coming out some time this year. Well, at least the first part of four anyway. The return of the Gilmore girls and all the crazy characters that make up Stars Hollow will come in the form of four 90 minute episodes, each titled after one of the four seasons.

As we get closer and closer to return of Gilmore Girls, fans are getting more and more news each day. By now it seems everyone is coming back to the show, including all of the Gilmore girls (obviously!), all of Rory’s exes, Paris, Doyle, Jackson, and most recently, Sookie. Melissa McCarthy revealed on The Ellen Show that she’ll also be in the Gilmore Girls revival, a question that has kept many fans up at night, wondering how there could be a Stars Hollow without Sookie in it.

Fans first became suspicious about McCarthy’s return when Yanic Truesdale who plays Michel posted an Instagram picture of the two together, even though Truesdale warned them not to read too much into it. Thankfully, no one listened to him, and fans were prepared for this shocking news. What fans weren’t ready for, though, was the release of official photos from the set of the Gilmore Girls revival.

The cast have been posting pictures together since they started filming, and that was enough to make Gilmore Girls fans everywhere freak out. But on April 7, Entertainment Weekly put the Gilmore Girls fandom into a frenzy when they posted exclusive photos from the set and from their photoshoot with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel.

The two Gilmore girls are gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week, and the magazine will include a sneak peek of the set as well as an interview with the ladies that made everyone feel less embarrassed about their own coffee addictions. You can view some of the pictures from EW’s set visit online, but every true Gilmore Girls fan will probably want a copy of this magazine immediately.

From the photos online, it looks like Stars Hollow hasn’t changed one bit. We see Miss Patty and Babette encouraging people to sign up to audition for the Stars Hollow musical while Lorelai and Rory look on a bit confused. In another image we see Rory standing in front of what looks like a Chilton classroom. According to Vulture, Rory is in fact a teacher, and they even speculate she’ll be teaching English, which let’s face it, makes absolute sense for Rory.

The photo that really has people buzzing, though, is an image of Lorelai and Luke hand in hand. When the last season of Gilmore Girls ended, Lorelai and Luke had reconciled but what happened after that? Well, it seems these two are good terms again, but did they ever get married? Will they get married? So many questions! Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too much longer to get answers.

Finally, the last image shows Emily Gilmore. Because Edward Herman unfortunately passed away in 2014, for the Gilmore Girls revival, Emily will be a widow, and Kelly Bishop, who plays the character, has stated that fans will see how much her life has changed without Richard Gilmore in it.

You can get a sneak peek of the interview on EW‘s site, but to get the full interview with the Gilmore girls, you’ll have to grab a copy of the magazine and read it all for yourself.

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